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eBird 1 / Eurobird 3 → Eutelsat 33A → Eutelsat 31A

eBird 1 [Boeing BSS]

e-BIRD provides capacity optimized for Internet protocol access networks with satellite return link capabilities. The spacecraft carries 20 active Ku-band transponders, each powered by 32 Watts traveling wave tube amplifiers. The Ku-band transponders are connected to four spot beams over the European region.

The satellite is designed to provide coverage to Scandinavia, Great Britain and Western and Eastern Europe. e-BIRD joined EUTELSAT's existing fleet of 19 spacecraft.

The spacecraft will operate at 25.5 degrees East longitude, and has a contract life of 10 years. e-BIRD was launched in 2003 aboard an Ariane-5G rocket. It was later renamed EuroBird 3.

In December 2011 Eutelsat announced, that their satellite assets will be renamed under a unified brand name effective from March 2012. This satellite became Eutelsat 33A. In 2014 it was moved to a poistion of 31 East, where it operates from an inclined orbit under the name Eutelsat 31A.

Nation: Europe
Type / Application: Communication
Operator: Eutelsat
Contractors: Boeing
Equipment: 20 active Ku-band transponders
Configuration: Boeing BSS-376HP
Propulsion: Star-30C
Power: Solar cells (body mounted and drop-skirt), batteries
Lifetime: 10 years
Mass: 1530 kg
Orbit: GEO
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
eBird 1 → Eurobird 3 → Eutelsat 33A → Eutelsat 31A 2003-043A 27.09.2003 Ko ELA-3 Ariane-5G with Insat 3E, SMART 1


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