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AeroCube 1, 2, 3

AeroCube 3 [The Aerospace Corporation]

The AeroCube cubesats are 1 kg nanosatellites for technical research. They are built and operated by the Aerospace Corporation.

The launch of AeroCube 1 was not successful, as the Dnepr failed 86 sec after launch.

AeroCube 2 was successfully orbited on a Dnepr, but failed immediately after launch due to a faulty power system. It was to have deployed a balloon as a deorbit device at the end of the mission.

AeroCube 3 was successfully launched to orbit on a Minotaur-1 and conducted imaging experiments, a tether experiment and deployed a balloon as a deorbit device at the end of the mission.

Nation: USA
Type / Application: Technology
Operator: The Aerospace Corporation
Contractors: The Aerospace Corporation
Configuration: CubeSat (1U)
Propulsion: None
Power: Solar cells, batteries
Mass: 1 kg
Orbit: 648 km × 770 km, 98.09 (#2); 427 km × 466 km, 40.48 (#3)
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
AeroCube 1 (AC 1) 2006-F03 26.07.2006 Ba LC-109/95 F Dnepr with BelKa 1, Baumanets 1, Unisat 4, PicPot, CP 1, CP 2, HAUSAT 1, ICECube 1, ICECube 2, ION, KUTESat-Pathfinder, Mea Huaka'i, MEROPE, Ncube 1, Rincon 1, SACRED, SEEDS
AeroCube 2 (AC 2) 2007-012R 17.04.2007 Ba LC-109/95 Dnepr with EgyptSat 1, Saudisat 3, SaudiComsat 3, SaudiComsat 4, SaudiComsat 5, SaudiComsat 6, SaudiComsat 7, CP 3, CP 4, CAPE 1, Libertad 1, CSTB 1, MAST
AeroCube 3 (AC 3) 2009-028E 19.05.2009 WI LA-0B Minotaur-1 with TacSat 3, PharmaSat 1, HawkSat 1, CP 6