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Ncube 1, 2

Ncube 1

The Norwegian Student Satellite Project Ncube (Norwegian Cubesat) aims to design, build, integrate, test and launch a small satellite in order to provide students in Norwegian educational institutions with:

  • hands-on experience with a real satellite mission
  • multidisciplinary collaboration
  • space project experience

To stimulate:

  • Interest in science
  • Increased competence in space technology among students and educational institutions
  • Co-operation between educational institutions and industry
  • Co-operation and exchange of knowledge between institutions in the north and in the south

By ensuring:

  • Support and guidance from in-house expertise
  • Support from expertise in related Norwegian industry and research establishments
  • Testing by rocket launch or balloon mission, and in facilities available throughout Norway

The payload is an AIS-receiver (Automated Identification System), to demonstrate the capability of using this earth-based ship-tracking system from space. To further test the use of the AIS-receiver, a reindeer will be fitted with a collar capable of sending AIS signals to the satellite, thus enabling tracking of the movement of the reindeer.

Ncube 2 was launched on 27.10.2005 on a Kosmos-3M launch vehicle onboard of the SSETI-Express satellite, but was most likely not deployed.

The launch of Ncube 1 on 26 July 2006 was not successful, as the Dnepr failed 86 sec after launch.

Nation: Norway
Type / Application: Technology, traffic monitoring
Operator: Norwegian University of Technology and Science (NTNU), Narvik University College (HiN) and the Agricultural University of Norway (NLH)
Contractors: Norwegian University of Technology and Science (NTNU), Narvik University College (HiN) and the Agricultural University of Norway (NLH)
Equipment: AIS-receiver
Configuration: CubeSat (1U)
Propulsion: None
Power: Solar cells, batteries
Mass: 1 kg
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Ncube 1 (Rudolf) 2006-F03 26.07.2006 Ba LC-109/95 F Dnepr with BelKa 1, Baumanets 1, Unisat 4, PicPot, CP 1, CP 2, HAUSAT 1, ICECube 1, ICECube 2, ION, KUTESat-Pathfinder, Mea Huaka'i, MEROPE, Rincon 1, SACRED, SEEDS, AeroCube 1
Ncube 2 2005-043H 27.10.2005 Pl LC-132/1 p Kosmos-3M with TopSat 1, China-DMC+4, Mozhayets 5, Sina 1, SSETI-Express, UWE 1, XI 5, Rubin 5-ASOLANT


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