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BelKa 1

BelKa 1 [RKA Energiya]

BelKa 1 is a remote sensing satellite that utilizes the Victoria universal satellite bus. Developed by Rocket and Space Corporation Energiya, Russia, under a contract with TSNIIMASH-Export, Russia, for National Academy of Sciences of Republic of Belarus as the final customer of the satellite.

The resolution up to 2.5 m and four spectral channels of the target-oriented equipment allow for national economic tasks to the benefit of MINECONOMRESURS, Ministry of Natural Resources, Federal Geodesy and Cartography Service, EMERCOM, etc. In addition to key tasks the spacecraft will enable scientific and applied researches in the Earth and atmosphere remote sensing.

The tasks to be fulfilled by BelKa 1 are:

  • Mapping (topographic and geodesic applications, government geodesic supervision);
  • Cadastral account of estate property;
  • Development of large building projects including gas and oil pipelines, railways, hydropower stations;
  • Geological investigations and conservation of mineral resources;
  • Environment monitoring including monitoring of forest fires and man-made emissions, glaciers and agricultural sector objects, etc.;
  • Monitoring of forest condition;
  • Monitoring of water bodies.

The launch was not successful, as the Dnepr failed 86 sec after launch.

Nation: Belarus
Type / Application: Earth Observation
Operator: National Academy of Sciences of Republic of Belarus
Contractors: RKA Energiya
Configuration: Victoria Bus
Power: 2 deployable fixed solar arrays, batteries
Lifetime: 5 years
Mass: 750 kg
Orbit: 510 km × 510 km, sun-synchronous
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
BelKa 1 2006-F03 26.07.2006 Ba LC-109/95 F Dnepr with Baumanets 1, Unisat 4, PicPot, CP 1, CP 2, HAUSAT 1, ICECube 1, ICECube 2, ION, KUTESat-Pathfinder, Mea Huaka'i, MEROPE, Ncube 1, Rincon 1, SACRED, SEEDS, AeroCube 1


  • Kosmotras press release
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