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FOREST 1 [Orora Technologies]

FOREST 1 (Forest Observation and Recognition Experimental Smallsat Thermal Detector) is a prototype satellite by Orora Technologies (OroraTech) to detect wild fires. It is the precursor mission to a larger constellation of wild fire detection satellites.

The FOREST-1 satellite is based on an enlarged 6U CubeSat version of Spire Global's Lemur-2 cubesat and features customized experiments additionally to the standard Lemur payload.

It carries OroraTech’s unique and proprietary thermal-infrared camera and data processing unit designed to detect fires and transmit the data using Spire Global’s satellite and ground network. The technology will help identify and monitor the areas at risk of wildfires and enable early detection of wildfire hotspots.

FOREST 2 is an improved version.

Nation: Germany, USA
Type / Application: Earth Observation
Operator: Spire Global for Orora Technologies
Contractors: Spire Global (satellite), Orora Technologies (payload)
Equipment: thermal-infrared camera
Configuration: CubeSat (6U)
Power: Solar cells, batteries
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
FOREST 1 (Lemur-2 148, Lemur-2 Rohovithsa, OroraTech 1) 2022-002BE 13.01.2022 CC SLC-40 Falcon-9 v1.2 (Block 5) with Umbra 02, Capella 7, 8, ICEYE X14, X16, Sich 2-1, ION-SCV 004, Dodona, STORK 1, 2, LabSat, SW1FT, VZLUSAT 2, ETV A1, BRO 5, HYPSO 1, Kepler 16, ..., 19, Flock-4x 1, ..., 44, FOREST 1, Lemur-2 149, 150, Lemur-2 146, 147, DEWA-Sat 1, NuX 1, IRIS A, MDASat 1a, 1b, 1c, Gossamer Piccolomini, Tevel 1, ..., 8, Challenger, Delfi-PQ 1, Unicorn 2A, 2D, 2E, FossaSat 2E1, ..., 2E6, MDQube-SAT 1, SATLLA 2A, 2B, Unicorn 1, EASAT 2, HADES, Grizu-263a, PION-BR 1, SanoSat 1, Tartan-Artibeus 1, USA 320, ..., 323


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