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SJ 6A, 6B, 6C, 6D, 6E, 6F, 6G, 6H

SJ 6A / SJ 6B

The SJ 6 (Shi Jian 6) series consisted of pairs of technology satellites, which were reported to be used to probe the space environment, radiation and its effects, record space physical environment parameters, and conduct other related space experiments.

The two satellites were built by the Shanghai Academy of Space Flight Technology and Dongfanghong Satellite Company under subcontract to the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. Reportedly the CAST968 platform was used. The scientific instruments aboard the satellites were mainly manufactured by the China Electronics Technology Corporation. A design life of at least two years was announced.

Possibly the mission of the satellites included electronic intelligence (ELINT) technology tests.

Nation: China
Type / Application: Technology
Operator: CAST
Contractors: DFH Satellite Co. Ltd of CAST
Configuration: ? (#A, C, E, G); CAST968 Bus (#B, D, F, H)
Power: 2 deployable solar arrays, batteries
Lifetime: 2 years
Orbit: 578 km × 593 km, 97.7 (#6A); 593 km × 602 km, 97.7 (#6B)
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
SJ 6A (SJ 6-01B) 2004-035A 08.09.2004 TY LC-7 CZ-4B with SJ 6B
SJ 6B (SJ 6-01A) 2004-035B 08.09.2004 TY LC-7 CZ-4B with SJ 6A
SJ 6C (SJ 6-02B) 2006-046A 23.10.2006 TY LC-7 CZ-4B with SJ 6D
SJ 6D (SJ 6-02A) 2006-046B 23.10.2006 TY LC-7 CZ-4B with SJ 6C
SJ 6E (SJ 6-03B) 2008-053A 25.10.2008 TY LC-9 CZ-4B with SJ 6F
SJ 6F (SJ 6-03A) 2008-053B 25.10.2008 TY LC-9 CZ-4B with SJ 6E
SJ 6G (SJ 6-04B) 2010-051A 06.10.2010 TY LC-9 CZ-4B with SJ 6H
SJ 6H (SJ 6-04A) 2010-051B 06.10.2010 TY LC-9 CZ-4B with SJ 6G


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