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SJ 4


SJ 4 (Shi Jian 4) was a satellite to monitor the space radiation environment and its effects in an elliptical orbit.

SJ-4 was built by CAST. The spin stabilized spacecraft had a mass of 397 kg with a diameter of 1.6 m and a height of 2.1 m.

The satellite was equipped with six instruments:

  • EED (High Energy Electron Detector)
  • EPS (High Energetic Proton and Heavy Ion Detector)
  • ESA (Electrostatic Analyzer)
  • SEEM (Dynamic Single Event Effect Monitor)
  • SEUM (SRAM Single Event Upset Monitor)
  • SPM (Surface Potential Monitor)

The satellite was launched from Xichang on the maiden flight of the CZ-3A rocket and was put into a geosynchronous transfer orbit of 210 km × 36125 km with an inclination of 28.6. It operated for about six months.

Nation: China
Type / Application: Technology
Contractors: CAST
Power: Solar cells, batteries
Lifetime: 6 months
Mass: 397 kg
Orbit: 210 km × 36125 km, 28.6
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
SJ 4 1994-010A 08.02.1994 Xi LC-2 CZ-3A with KF 1

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