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FSW-1 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (JB-1A 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)


The FSW-1 (Fanhui Shi Weixing) or JB-1A series was the second series of chinese recoverable satellites. These satellites feature cameras for Earth observation and probably microgravity experiments.

The FSW-1 has a blunt conical shape with a length of 3.14 m, a maximum diameter of 2.2 m and a mass of up to 2100 kg. The vehicle consists of two sections: the 1.5 m long reentry module and the 1.6 m long equipment and retro module. The satellite is battery powered. The FSW-0 satellites have no in orbit maneuvering capability. They are launched without fairing.

These satellites were reportedly high-resolution detailed survey satellites. They featured a high resolution (10-15 m) camera syszem for film development on Earth and a lower resolution CCD (50 m resolution) camera systems for near-realtime images. The latter system was apparently used for selecting imaging targets for the film return camera thereby minimizing the wastage of film supplies if environmental conditions are unfavorable.

Additionally, FSW-1 5 carried a microgravity research payload.

The FSW-1 satellites have no in orbit maneuvering capability.

Launch vehicle for the FSW-1 series was the CZ-2C rocket. The first mission took place on 9 September 1987. All except for the last one were successful. FSW-1 5 suffered an attitude control system failure, which prevented the return of the capsule to earth.

Nation: China
Type / Application: Reconnaissance, Earth observation, Micro-gravity
Contractors: CAST
Propulsion: FG-23 retro motor
Power: Batteries
Lifetime: 7 - 10 days
Mass: 2100 kg
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
FSW-1 1 (FSW 10, JB-1A 1) 1987-075A 09.09.1987 Jq LC-2/138 CZ-2C
FSW-1 2 (FSW 11, JB-1A 2) 1988-067A 05.08.1988 Jq LC-2/138 CZ-2C
FSW-1 3 (FSW 12, JB-1A 3) 1990-089A 05.10.1990 Jq LC-2/138 CZ-2C
FSW-1 4 (FSW 14, JB-1A 4) 1992-064B 06.10.1992 Jq LC-2/138 CZ-2C with Freja
FSW-1 5 (FSW 15, JB-1A 5) 1993-063A 08.10.1993 Jq LC-2/138 CZ-2C

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