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FSW-0 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 (JB-1 1, ..., 9)


The FSW-0 (Fanhui Shi Weixing) or JB-1 series was the first series of chinese recoverable satellites. These satellites feature cameras for Earth observation.

These satellites were reportedly general survey satellites. They featured a camera syszem for film development on Earth.

The FSW-0 has a blunt conical shape with a length of 3.14 m, a maximum diameter of 2.2 m and a mass of up to 1800 kg. The vehicle consists of two sections: the 1.5 m long reentry module and the 1.6 m long equipment and retro module. The satellite is battery powered. The FSW-0 satellites have no in orbit maneuvering capability. They are launched without fairing.

Launch vehicle for the FSW-1 series was initially the CZ-2A and later the CZ-2C rocket. The first mission took place on 5 November 1974, but failed to reach orbit. All other were successful.

Nation: China
Type / Application: Reconnaissance, Earth observation
Contractors: CAST
Propulsion: FG-14 retro motor
Power: Batteries
Mass: 1800 kg
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
FSW-0 (1) 1974-F07 05.11.1974 Jq LC-2/138 F CZ-2A
FSW-0 1 (FSW 1, JB-1 1) 1975-111A 26.11.1975 Jq LC-2/138 CZ-2A
FSW-0 2 (FSW 2, JB-1 2) 1976-117A 07.12.1976 Jq LC-2/138 CZ-2A
FSW-0 3 (FSW 3, JB-1 3) 1978-011A 26.01.1978 Jq LC-2/138 CZ-2A
FSW-0 4 (FSW 4, JB-1 4) 1982-090A 09.09.1982 Jq LC-2/138 CZ-2C
FSW-0 5 (FSW 5, JB-1 5) 1983-086A 19.08.1983 Jq LC-2/138 CZ-2C
FSW-0 6 (FSW 6, JB-1 6) 1984-098A 12.09.1984 Jq LC-2/138 CZ-2C
FSW-0 7 (FSW 7, JB-1 7) 1985-096A 21.10.1985 Jq LC-2/138 CZ-2C
FSW-0 8 (FSW 8, JB-1 8) 1986-076A 06.10.1986 Jq LC-2/138 CZ-2C
FSW-0 9 (FSW 9, JB-1 9) 1987-067A 05.08.1987 Jq LC-2/138 CZ-2C

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