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The Thai BCCSAT 1 (Bangkok Christian College Satellite) is a 1U CubeSat educational multi-spectral Cubesat developed by the cooperation between Bangkok Christian College and the King’s Mongkut university of technology north Bangkok.

BCCSAT-1 is a technology demonstration satellite in Thailand. High school students in Bangkok Cristian College in collaboration with King Mongkut’s University of Technology (KMUTNB) and the Radio Amateur Society of Thailand (RAST) are building the satellite. The project aims to build capacity on systems engineering, space education, and radio communication technology to students. During the project, students will learn about communication technology through amateur radio activities. It also encourages other interested people to receive the satellite signal.

The main missions of BCCSAT-1 include:

  • testing in-house developed satellite transceiver and antenna in orbit
  • experiment of Slow-Scan Digital Video (SSDV) transmission from the satellite
  • take pictures of Earth by cameras onboard satellite

BCCSAT-1 carries four cameras onboard the satellite and aim to capture images of the Earth in different wavelengths: red, green, blue, NIR band.

It will be launched in March 2021 and will be deployed from the UniSat 7 satellite.

Nation: Thailand
Type, Application: Technology
Operator: Bangkok Christian College
Contractors: Bangkok Christian College
Configuration: CubeSat (1U)
Propulsion: None
Power: Solar cells, batteries
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
BCCSAT 1 2021-022AK 22.03.2021 Ba LC-31/6 Soyuz-2-1a Fregat with CAS500 1, ELSA-d Servicer, ELSA-d Client, GRUS 1B, ..., 1E, Najm 1, DMSat 1, UniSat 7, FEES, DIY 1, SMOG 1, STECCO, SAMSON 1, 2, 3, Kepler 6, 7, NanoSatC-Br 2, KMSL, CANYVAL-C 1, 2, BeeSat 5, ..., 8, Hiber 3, CubeSX-HSE, CubeSX-Sirius-HSE, Orbicraft-Zorkiy, WildTrackCube-SIMBA, GRBAlpha, 3B5GSAT, LacunaSat 2b, ChallengeOne, KSU-Cubesat


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