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AAUSAT 3, 4, 5


The main purpose for the AAUSAT (Aalborg University Satellite) project is for the involved students to achieve a great deal of knowledge about designing and constructing Space worthy technology.

AAUSAT 3 was built completly inhouse in the university using no Cubsat-kit. It tested an AIS-receiver in orbit.

AAUSAT 4 tested a student built AIS (Automated Identification System) receiver. AAUSAT 4 is one of the educational CubeSats chosen for Phase 1 and 2 of ESA's ‘Fly Your Satellite!’ initiative.

AAUSAT 5 has a primary mission to receive AIS beacons from ships with a new design based on AAUSAT 3. Additionally a educational payload for high school outreach was designed first half 2014 by engineering students. The AIS-receiver payload is based on SDR principles. It was deployed from the ISS on on 5 October 2015 and is expected to remain in orbit for approx 6 months.

Nation: Denmark
Type / Application: Technology, traffic monitoring
Operator: Aalborg University Cubesat
Contractors: Aalborg University Cubesat
Equipment: AIS-receiver
Configuration: CubeSat (1U)
Propulsion: None
Power: Solar cells, batteries
Mass: 1 kg
Orbit: 770 km × 786 km, 98.63° (#3); 442 km × 686 km, 98.2° (#4); 394 km × 409 km, 51.64° (#5)
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
AAUSAT 3 2013-009B 25.02.2013 Sr FLP PSLV-CA with SARAL, Sapphire, NEOSSAT, UniBRITE, TUGsat 1 (BRITE-Austria), STRaND 1
AAUSAT 4 2016-025DS 25.04.2016 Ko ELS Soyuz-ST-A Fregat-M with Sentinel 1B, MICROSCOPE, e-st@r 2, OUFTI 1
AAUSAT 5 1998-067GZ 19.08.2015 Ta YLP-2 H-2B-304 with HTV 5, CALET, Flock-2b 1, ..., 14, SERPENS, S-CUBE, GOMX 3


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