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Kuzbass-300 []

Kuzbass-300 is a Russian 3U CubeSat developed by regional students, scientists and students of the Kuzbass State Technical University (KuzGTU) on the satellite CubeSat platform OrbiCraft-Pro SXC3 of SPUTNIX (a member of Sitronics Group)and will carry out remote sensing of the Earth, conduct fire monitoring in the region and throughout the Russian Federation.

The payload of the satellite will allow:

  • conduct research and observations,
  • monitor changes occuring on the Earth’s surface using a special camera

The satellite's equipment will transmit telemetry data, voice messages, and images to Earth! It is a kind of broadcast ad from space, in which all the inhabitants of the Earth are invited to Kuzbass, to an event within the global Yuri‘s Night movement.

Nation: Russia
Type / Application: Technology
Operator: Kuzbass State Technical University (KuzGTU)
Contractors: SPUTNIX
Configuration: CubeSat (3U)
Power: Solar cells, batteries
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Kuzbass-300 (RS 34S) 2022-096F 09.08.2022 Ba LC-31/6 Soyuz-2-1b Fregat with Khayyam 1, CubeSX-HSE 2, CYCLOPS, Geoskan-Edelveis, ISOI, KAI 1, Kuzbass-300, MIET AIS, Monitor 1, Politekh-Univers 1, 2, ReshUCube, Siren, Skoltech B1, B2, UTMN, Vizard SS1

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