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Swift (MIDEX 3)

Spectrum Astro's SA-200HP (High Performance) spacecraft is a LEO adaptation of the bus of NASA's highly successful New Millennium Deep Space 1 probe. This flexible bus is ideally suited for LEO missions and can be easily configured to support deep space, MEO, HEO, and GEO applications. Designed to support a mission lifetime of up to six years, the spacecraft is capable of providing 3-axis control in a variety of modes that include inertial, solar, and nadir pointing, in addition to rotational and maneuverable modes.

Design flexibility and modularity enable this low risk, affordable spacecraft to meet a wide range of Earth Science, MIDEX, Discovery, and Space Science missions. Two versions of the SA-200HP are currently in development to support the USAF Coriolis mission and NASA’s MIDEX Swift mission. In addition, several upgrade options are available, including full redundancy, deep space configuration, ion propulsion, ground station planning support, and the addition of GPS and magnetic hardware.

The SA-200LL (Long Life) spacecraft is a scalable, robust platform designed to support a wide range of science and technology missions. The platform has a flight-proven adaptive architecture that offers high mission performance while retaining the flexibility of the SA-200 series. The SA-200LL's features include a maximum payload capacity of up to 500kg and physical mounting for additional stand alone payloads.

Satellite Ordered Date Launcher Weight (kg) Remarks
Launch BOL
SA-200HP → LEOStar-3
Coriolis (P98-2) 06.01.2003 Titan-2(23)G 817
DS 1 24.10.1998 Delta-7326 486
GeoEye 1 (ex OrbView 5) 06.09.2008 Delta-7420-10C 1955
GLAST (FGST, Fermi) 11.06.2008 Delta-7920H-10C 4450
Hydros (ESSP 7) cancelled
ICESAT 2 15.09.2018 Delta-7420-10C 1387
JPSS 2 2016 10.11.2022 Atlas-5(401)
JPSS 3 2018 2032
JPSS 4 2018 2027
Landsat 8 (LDCM) 11.02.2013 Atlas-5(401) 3085
Landsat 9 27.09.2021 Atlas-5(401) 2864
Streak (STP-R1) 23.09.2005 Minotaur-1 417
STSS-ATRR (USA 205) 05.05.2009 Delta-7920-10C
Swift (MIDEX 3, Explorer 84, Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory) 20.11.2004 Delta-7320-10C 1331
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