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JPSS 2, 3, 4

JPSS 2 [Orbital-ATK]

JPSS 2 is an operational meteorological satellite in the JPSS (Joint Polar Satellite System).

Orbital ATK, now Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems (NGIS), will be responsible for designing and fabricating the JPSS-2 spacecraft, integration of government-furnished instruments, satellite-level testing, on-orbit satellite check-out and mission operations support. The contractor also will provide five Flight Segment Emulators. The work will be performed at the contractor's facility and at the launch site.

The Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems (NGIS) provided LEOStar-3 bus will carry largely the same instrument suite as JPSS 1:

  • Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS)
  • Cross-track Infrared Sounder (CrIS)
  • Advanced Technology Microwave Sounder (ATMS)
  • Ozone Mapper/Profiler Suite (OMPS)
  • Radiation Budget Instrument (RBI), an upgraded version of the Clouds and the Earth’s Radiant Energy System (CERES)

These instruments will study global change, including atmospheric temperature and humidity sounding, sea-surface temperature, land and ocean biological productivity, cloud and aerosol properties and global ozone levels.

The delivery order for JPSS-2 runs through July 2020 and includes a four-year, $130 million option for JPSS-3 and another four-year, $87 million option for JPSS-4.

In June 2015, NASA issued a stop work order to Exelis on the Radiation Budget Instrument contract, because the project is experiencing technical and cost concerns that require review in order to determine how best to address those concerns and move forward. In the FY2019 budget, the cancellation of the Radiation Budget Instrument (RBI) was proposed. In early 2020, the new Libera instrument was selected as a follow-on to CERES, to be flown on JPSS 3 and 4.

The options for JPSS 3 and JPSS 4 were exercised in May 2018. It was decided to fly JPSS 4 in 2027 before JPSS 3 in 2032.

Nation: USA
Type / Application: Meteorology
Operator: NASA, NOAA
Contractors: Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems (NGIS) (formerly Orbital ATK)
Equipment: VIIRS, CrIS, ATMS, OMPS, CERES (#2), Libera (#3, 4)
Configuration: LEOStar-3
Power: Deployable solar array, batteries
Lifetime: 7 years
Mass: 2930 kg
Orbit: 824 km SSO
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
JPSS 2 (NOAA 21) 2022-150A 10.11.2022 Va SLC-3E Atlas-5(401) with LOFTID
JPSS 3 - 2032 Va
JPSS 4 - 2027 Va


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