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1U PocketQube (Wren)

2.5U PocketQube (QubeScout S1) [UMBC]

3U PocketQube [UoI]

Satellite Org Date Launcher Weight (kg) Remarks
ArduiQube 2016 Dnepr 1
ArduOrbiter 1
PQ-Gemini++ 1 Micro-Space Inc ? Dnepr 0.12
PQ-Gemini++ 2 Micro-Space Inc ? Dnepr 0.12
PQ-Gemini++ 3 Micro-Space Inc ? Dnepr 0.12
PQ-Gemini++ 4 Micro-Space Inc ? Dnepr 0.12
Wren STADOKO UG 21.11.2013 Dnepr 0.25
$50Sat (Eagle 2) Morehead State University 21.11.2013 Dnepr 0.15
Unicorn 1 Alba Orbital 2018 Deployed from UniSat 7
BeakerSat 1 (Eagle 1, SWEsat) → T-LogoQube Morehead State University, Sonoma State University 21.11.2013 Dnepr 0.5
QubeScout S1 University of Maryland (UMBC) 21.11.2013 Dnepr 0.4
Delfi-PQ 1 Technical University of Delft 2019 Vector-R
Unicorn 2A Alba Orbital 2018 Vector-R