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Space News:

17.10.2018 (2 days, 19 hrs ago)
Today's Atlas-5 launch was the 250th flight of the Centaur upper stage. more

17.10.2018 (2 days, 19 hrs ago)
An ULA Atlas-5(551) lifted off from Cape Canaveral to put USAF's AEHF-4 communications satellite into orbit. more

16.10.2018 (4 days, 2 hrs ago)
Paul Allen, billionaire, co-founder of Microsoft, backer of SpaceShipOne and founder of Stratolaunch, passed away yesterday at the age of 65. more

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Most recent and planned orbital launches:   → 2018
ID Date Payload(s) Vehicle Site Remark
2018-079 17.10.2018 AEHF 4 (USA 288) Atlas-5(551) CC SLC-41
2018-078 15.10.2018 BD-3 M15 / BD-3 M16 CZ-3B/YZ1 Xi
2018-F01 11.10.2018 Soyuz-MS 10 Soyuz-FG Ba LC-1/5 launch failure
2018-077 09.10.2018 Yaogan 32-01-01 / Yaogan 32-01-02 CZ-2C (3) YZ-1S Jq SLS-2 Version 1st flight
2018-076 07.10.2018 SAOCOM 1A Falcon-9 v1.2 Va SLC-4E