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Space News:

15.02.2019 (3 days, 17 hrs ago)

13.02.2019 (5 days, 9 hrs ago)
NASA has ended attempts to contact the Opportunity Mars rover which landed in January 2004 for a 90 day mission and ended up exploring Mars for +14 years. It fell silent in June 2018 in a global dust storm. more

06.02.2019 (1 week, 5 days ago)
Apparently yesterday the launch of an Iranian Safir rocket, likely with the Dosti (or Dousti) satellite failed. Confirmation is pending. more

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Most recent and planned orbital launches:   → 2019
ID Date Payload(s) Vehicle Site Remark
2019-F02 05.02.2019 Dousti 1 Safir-1B Sem LP-1 Failed
2019-007 05.02.2019 HellasSat 4/SaudiGeoSat 1 / GSat 31 Ariane-5ECA Ko ELA-3
2019-006 24.01.2019 Microsat-R / Kalamsat v2 PSLV-DL Sr FLP Version 1st flight
2019-005 21.01.2019 Jilin-1 Hyperspectral-01, 02 / Xiaoxiang-1 03 / Lingque 1A CZ-11 Jq SLS-E2
2019-004 19.01.2019 KH-11 17 (Crystal 17, USA 290, NROL 71) ? Delta-4H (upg.) Va SLC-6