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Shenzhou 8, ..., 17 (SZ 8, ..., 17)


The SZ (Shenzhou) is the first crewed spacecraft of the Peoples Republic of China. It owns much of its basic design to the Russian Soyuz capsule, which has a very similar genaral layout. Like the Soyuz, it consists of an orbital module, a return module and an engineering module. Although technology transfers from russia may have had influences in the design of the space craft, the SZ seems to be an mostly independent development.

SZ-8 was the first of the series to be equipped with a docking collar to dock with the experimental Tiangong-1 space station. While SZ-8 was uncrewed, the following SZ-9 and 10 carried a crew to the station.

SZ-11 is the only planned crewed mission to the experimental Tiangong-2 space station.

SZ-12 is the first mission to the planned modular Chinese Space Station (CSS).

List of historic Shenzou flights
List of upcoming Shenzou flights

Nation: China
Type / Application: Crewed spacecraft
Operator: CNSA
Configuration: Service module, Return module, orbital Module with docking collar
Propulsion: 4 × retro motors
Power: 2 deployable solar arrays, batteries
Mass: 8082 kg (#8)
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Shenzhou 8 (SZ 8) 2011-063A 31.10.2011 Jq LC-43/91 CZ-2F/G
Shenzhou 9 (SZ 9) 2012-032A 16.06.2012 Jq LC-43/91 CZ-2F/G
Shenzhou 10 (SZ 10) 2013-029A 11.06.2013 Jq LC-43/91 CZ-2F/G
Shenzhou 11 (SZ 11) 2016-061A 16.10.2016 Jq LC-43/91 CZ-2F/G
Shenzhou 12 (SZ 12) 2021-053A 17.06.2021 Jq LC-43/91 CZ-2F/G
Shenzhou 13 (SZ 13) 2021-092A 15.10.2021 Jq LC-43/91 CZ-2F/G
Shenzhou 14 (SZ 14) 2022-060A 05.06.2022 Jq LC-43/91 CZ-2F/G
Shenzhou 15 (SZ 15) 2022-162A 29.11.2022 Jq LC-43/91 CZ-2F/G
Shenzhou 16 (SZ 16) 2023-077A 30.05.2023 Jq LC-43/91 CZ-2F/G
Shenzhou 17 (SZ 17) 2023-164A 26.10.2023 Jq LC-43/91 CZ-2F/G
Shenzhou 18 (SZ 18) 2024-078A 25.04.2024 Jq LC-43/91 CZ-2F/G

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