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SpaceShipTwo (SS2)

SpaceShipTwo VSS Enterprise with WhiteKnightTwo [Virgin Galactic]

SpaceShipTwo [Virgin Galactic]

SpaceShipTwo VSS Enterprise [Virgin Galactic]

Virgin Galactic unveiled in January 2008 the design of its new, environmentally benign, SpaceShipTwo suborbital space launch system based on the X Prize winning technology of SpaceShipOne, which successfully flew into space for the third time in October 2004 and won the $10m Ansari X Prize.

The construction of the WhiteKnightTwo (WK2) mothership at Scaled Composites in Mojave is nearly completed and is expected to begin flight testing in the summer of 2008. It is the world's largest, all carbon composite aircraft; it has a unique high altitude lift capacity, capable of launching SpaceShipTwo and its eight astronauts into sub-orbital space flight. The WK2 mothership is powered by four Pratt and Whitney PW308A engines which are amongst the most powerful, economic and efficient engines available. The WK2 mothership has also been designed to be capable of lifting other payload and launching it into space.

SpaceShipTwo itself is an enlarged version of the SpaceShipOne, which will be capable to transport two pilots and six passengers to an altitude of more than 100 km. It is also powered by a hybrid fueled rocket motor. For reentry, the twin tails will be folded upwards for a stablized belly-first reentry. Finally, for landing the tails will return to a conventional position to allow a runway landing.

The first SpaceShipTwo was named VSS Enterprise. It was lost during the fourth powered flight. The second plane was named VSS Unity.

The WhiteKnightTwo was originally also to launch the uncrewed LauncherOne orbital rocket.

crew lists

Version Aircraft Stage 1
SpaceShipOne (1) White Knight-2 SpaceShipTwo / RM-2
SpaceShipOne (2) White Knight-2 SpaceShipTwo / polyamide based motor
SpaceShipOne (3) White Knight-2 SpaceShipTwo / Kerosene-LOX motor
No.TypNo Type              Fl.No  Date          LS              Aircraft          Payload 

 1    1  SpaceShipTwo (1)  PF1    29.04.2013    Mo RW12/30  *   White Knight-2    SpaceShipTwo VSS Enterprise F1      Mach 1.20; 16.8 km
 2    2  SpaceShipTwo (1)  PF2    05.09.2013    Mo RW12/30  *   White Knight-2    SpaceShipTwo VSS Enterprise F2      Mach 1.43; 21.0 km
 3    3  SpaceShipTwo (1)  PF3    10.01.2014    Mo RW12/30  *   White Knight-2    SpaceShipTwo VSS Enterprise F3      Mach 1.40; 21.6 km
 4    4  SpaceShipTwo (2)  PF4    31.10.2014    Mo RW12/30  *F  White Knight-2    SpaceShipTwo VSS Enterprise F4      
 5    5  SpaceShipTwo (2)  PF1    05.04.2018    Mo RW12/30  *   White Knight-2    SpaceShipTwo VSS Unity F1           Mach 1.87; 25.7 km 
 6    6  SpaceShipTwo (2)  PF2    29.05.2018    Mo RW12/30  *   White Knight-2    SpaceShipTwo VSS Unity F2           Mach 1.90; 34.9 km 
 7    7  SpaceShipTwo (2)  PF3    26.07.2018    Mo RW12/30  *   White Knight-2    SpaceShipTwo VSS Unity F3           Mach 2.47; 52.0 km 
 8    8  SpaceShipTwo (2)  PF4    13.12.2018    Mo RW12/30  *   White Knight-2    SpaceShipTwo VSS Unity F4           Mach 3.xx; 82.0 km 
 9    9  SpaceShipTwo (2)  PF5    22.02.2019    Mo RW12/30  *   White Knight-2    SpaceShipTwo VSS Unity F5           Mach 3.00; 89.9 km
10   10  SpaceShipTwo (2)  PF5    12.12.2019    SA RW16/34  *A  White Knight-2    SpaceShipTwo VSS Unity F6           Mach x.xx; xx.x km

 4: SpaceShipTwo disintegrated due to unlocked feather mechanism during propulsive flight, one of the crew killed, the other injured
10: SpaceShipTwo ignited engine for ~1 sec, then aborted and returned in glide flight

Launch sites:

Mo  = Mojave Air and Space Port, Mojave, California, USA USA
SA  = Spaceport America (SouthWest Regional Spaceport), Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, USA USA