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Space News:

18.12.2014 (11 hrs, 17 mins ago)
Payload on the LVM3 maiden flight was CARE, a mock-up of ISRO's planned manned space capsule, to test the atmospheric re-entry. It landed successfully in the Bay of Bengal about 19 minutes after liftoff. CARE (Crew Module Atmospheric Re-entry Experiment)

18.12.2014 (11 hrs, 21 mins ago)
ISRO's new LVM-3-X (GSLV Mk.3 X) rocket successfully performed its maiden suborbital flight with a dummy stage 2 and the CARE capsule mock-up, LVM-3 (GSLV Mk.3)

17.12.2014 (18 hrs, 21 mins ago)
The Falcon-9 launch with Dragon SpX5 has been delayed to NET 06 January 2015. Falcon-9 v1.1(R)

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Most recent and planned orbital launches:   → 2014
ID Date Payload(s) Vehicle Site Remark
2014-082 15.12.2014 Yamal 401 Proton-M Briz-M (Ph.3) TB LC-81/24
2014-081 13.12.2014 'Trumpet-F/O-2 1' (USA 259, NROL 35) Atlas-5(541) Va SLC-3E
2014-080 10.12.2014 Yaogan 25A / Yaogan 25B / Yaogan 25C CZ-4C Jq SLS-2
2014-079 07.12.2014 CBERS 4 (ZY-1 04) CZ-4B TY LC-9
2014-078 06.12.2014 DirecTV 14 / GSat 16 Ariane-5ECA Ko ELA-3