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Space News:

23.01.2018 (3 hrs, 40 mins ago)
So it is now official: The Google Lunar XPrize is now over, with no team launching before the extended deadline. more

23.01.2018 (3 hrs, 48 mins ago)
Rocket Lab's Electron launch featured a small kick stage, powered by a restartable engine called Curie, which circularized the orbit and then deployed the two Lemur satellites into the 500 km circular orbit. This still leaves the question open, what one additional object is. So we have three objects in an elliptical orbit: Dove Pioneer, the Electron stage 2 and one unknown object. And we have three objects in the circularized orbit: Two Lemurs and the Kick Stage. more

21.01.2018 (2 days, 19 hrs ago)
The second flight of the New Zelandian Electron rocket, powered be electro-motor driven liquid-fuel rocket engines, has reached orbit with the "Still Testing" mission carrying three cubesats. more

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Most recent and planned orbital launches:   → 2018
ID Date Payload(s) Vehicle Site Remark
2018-010 21.01.2018 Still Testing / Lemur-2 72, 73 / Dove Pioneer / ? Electron OnS LC-1
2018-009 20.01.2018 SBIRS-GEO 4 (USA 282) Atlas-5(411) CC SLC-41
2018-008 19.01.2018 Jilin 1-07 / Jilin 1-08 / QTT 1 / Xiaoxiang 2 / KIPP / Zhou Enlai CZ-11 Jq SLS-E2
2018-007 18.01.2018 ASNARO 2 Epsilon (2) CLPS Ka LP-M Version 1st flight
2018-006 13.01.2018 LKW 3 CZ-2D (2) Jq SLS-2