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Space News:

22.05.2015 (3 days, 6 hrs ago)
Yesterday, a Black-Brant-9 sounding rocket failed 4 sec after launch at White Sands on a mission to calibrate the EVE instrument on NASA's SDO solar observatory. Black Brant (Terrier boosted)

21.05.2015 (4 days, 3 hrs ago)
The Dragon SpX6 cargo capsule departed from the ISS and landed successfully in the Pacific. Dragon C2, CRS-1,... CRS-15 (SpX 1,... 15)

20.05.2015 (5 days, 4 hrs ago)
Among the 10 CubeSat on today's Atlas launch is the LightSail-A prototype solar sail. Due to the low orbit will test telemetry and deployment of the sail, but not solar sailing. This will be tested on the 2nd mission, which will be in an higher orbit. LightSail A, B

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Most recent and planned orbital launches:   → 2015
ID Date Payload(s) Vehicle Site Remark
2015-025 20.05.2015 X-37B OTV-4 / GEARRS 2 / LightSail A / OptiCube 1, 2, 3 / USS Langley / AeroCube 8A, 8B / BRICSat-P / PSat A Atlas-5(501) CC SLC-41
2015-F01 16.05.2015 MEXSAT 1 (Centenario) Proton-M Briz-M (Ph.3) Ba LC-200/39 failed
2015-024 28.04.2015 Progress-M 27M Soyuz-2-1a Ba LC-31/6
2015-023 27.04.2015 TürkmenÄlem 52E/MonacoSat Falcon-9 v1.1 CC SLC-40
2015-022 26.04.2015 Thor 7 / SICRAL 2 (Syracuse 3C) Ariane-5ECA Ko ELA-3