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Satrec Initiative (SATRECI): SI-300

DubaiSat 2 [Satrec Initiative]

SI-300 is the extended version of the SI-200 platform which has flight heritage from RazakSAT of Malaysia and DubaiSAT-1 of UAE. Its architecture is designed to accommodate an Earth observation and/or science payload. Hall Effect Propulsion System (HEPS) is installed for orbit control and maintenance. Accurate and agile three-axis attitude control supports precise imaging operations. Dual redundancies are adapted where necessary in the system architecture design to increase reliability of the satellite system.

SI-300 platform, whose size is 1.5 m in diameter and 1.95 m in height, features deck-and-longeron type structure permitting easy assembly and disassembly. Li-ion Battery and four deployable solar panels are equipped for power supply. The interface with the launch vehicle is made through an adapter bolted to the bottom of the structure.

Satellite Ordered Date Launcher Weight (kg) Remarks
Launch BOL
Deimos 2 19.06.2014 Dnepr 310
Dubaisat 2 21.11.2013 Dnepr 300
KhalifaSat (ex Dubaisat 3) 2013 2018 H-2A-202 350
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