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Satrec Initiative (SATRECI): SI-200

RazakSAT [Satrec Initiative]

SI-200 bus system is based on the RazakSat (aka MACSAT) bus technology, which is being jointly developed with ATSB of Malaysia for its national space program. SI-200 bus is designed for Low Earth Orbit small satellite missions. It can accommodate various kinds of payloads for electro-optical Earth observation, telecommunications, and space science by offering relatively large payload space. This bus system can be flexibly re-configurable to adapt different mission and user requirements. This system is an attractive platform for small satellite missions with the following characteristics:

  • Compact hexagonal frame structure
  • Affordable volume and mass for small satellite launchers
  • Active full 3-axis attitude stabilization
  • High reliability system with redundant design concept
  • High speed data downlink capability for complex payloads
  • 2.5 m resolution remote sensing payload (MAC) on-board as baseline design

Satellite Ordered Date Launcher Weight (kg) Remarks
Launch BOL
Dubaisat 1 29.07.2009 Dnepr 200
RazakSat (ex MACSAT) 14.07.2009 Falcon-1 200
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