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VDU 1, 2


The VDU thruster units were self-contained modules to enhance attitude control of the space station Mir.

The VDU blocks were mounted on the Sofor girder on the Kvant 1 module to faciliate more effective roll control than using the thrusters on Mir's central core block. Using this off-axis thruster block resulted in a 85% saving of fuel. The 700 kg VDU was a 2.2 m oblong box containig the fuel and 11D428A-10 thrusters.

The VDU units were delivered by modified Progress-M freighters, which replaced the wet cargo section by a special section containing the VDU blocks. VDU 1 was delivered by Progress-M 14 in August 1992. When it ran out of fuel, it was discarded and replaced by VDU 2, delivered by Progress-M 38 in March 1998.

Nation: Russia
Type / Application: Thruster module
Operator: RKK → RAKA
Propulsion: 11D428A-10
Power: via Mir
Mass: 700 kg
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
VDU 1 N/A 15.08.1992 Ba LC-31/6 Soyuz-U2 with Progress-M 14, VBK-Raduga 6
VDU 2 N/A 14.03.1998 Ba LC-1/5 Soyuz-U with Progress-M 38


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