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Kvant 2 (77KSD, TsM-D, 11F77D)

Kvant 2

Kvant 2, the first of two expansion modules planned to enlarge the Mir space station complex, arrived at the station on 6 December 1989. The three-section addition, originally called Module D, was launched from Tyuratam on November 26, via a three-stage Proton-K booster. It was originally scheduled to dock on December 2, but was delayed by technical problems. The new module successfully docked at Mir's front axial port. Two days later, a Liappa docking arm re-docked the module at the upper radial port.

A cylinder, it measured 13.73 m long and 4.35 m maximum diameter. Two 26.6-sq-m solar panels provided 6.9 kW of power. The module was divided into a service/cargo section, a payload/equipment section and an airlock permitting easy exit and entrance to Mir during EVAs. Kvant 2 carried an East German multi-spectral remote sensing camera and an Ikar ("Icarus") manned maneuvering unit.

Scientific payloads onbaord were:

  • ARIZ X-ray spectrometer
  • ASPG-M scan platform carrying ITS-7D IR spectrometer (using the Czech sensor platform first used on Vega spacecraft).
  • Cosmic dust detectors
  • Gamma 2 spectrometer package
  • Ikar EVA unit
  • Inkubator 2 - bird egg incubator
  • KAP-350 topographic camera
  • MKF-6MA Earth resources film camera - 6 spectral bands. Provided by East Germany.
  • MKS-M2 optical spectrometer
  • Phaza AFM-2 spectrometer
  • Spektr-256 spectrometer
  • Sprut 5 charged particle spectrometer (installed 1991).
  • TV cameras
  • Volna 2 propellant tank demonstration (250 kg)
Nation: USSR
Type / Application: Space station
Operator: MOM → RKA
Contractors: Khrunichev
Equipment: see above
Configuration: 77K (TKS) based module
Power: 2 deployable solar arrays, batteries
Mass: 19565 kg
Orbit: 221 km × 335 km, 51.6 (typical)
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Kvant 2 (77KSD) 1989-093A 26.11.1989 Ba LC-200/39 Proton-K with SPK

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