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OUTSat on Centaur stage [ULA]

OUTSat (Operational Unique Technologies Satellite) was an experimental Cubesat dispenser mounted to a Centaur upper stage.

OUTSat consisted of a box-like NPSCuL-Lite (NPS CubeSat Launcher) built by the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), which was affixed to the Aft Bulkhead Carrier (ABC) of the Centaur upper stage. This unit was powered by the Centaur and contained eight PPods, which contained 11 cubesats. After deployment of the main payload, the Centaur maneuvered to a lower orbit, were OUTSat deployed its 11 satellites.

Nation: USA
Type / Application: Technology
Operator: Naval Postgraduate School (NPS)
Contractors: Naval Postgraduate School (NPS)
Equipment: NPSCuL-Lite
Configuration: Deployer mounted on Centaur stage
Power: Batteries
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
OUTSat 2012-048N 13.09.2012 Va SLC-3E Atlas-5(401) with Intruder 11, Intruder 12, Aeneas, SMDC-ONE 2.1, SMDC-ONE 2.2, STARE A, CINEMA 1, CSSWE, CXBN, AeroCube 4A, AeroCube 4B, AeroCube 4C, CP 5

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