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NARSScube 1, 2 (Egycubesat 1)


NARSScube 1, formerly known as Egycubesat 1, is the first Egyptian CubeSat developed by NARSS (National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences).

The NARSScube 1 mission goals are:

  • to provide experience in building operating a picosatellite
  • Technology demonstration to show NARSScube 1 can produce reliable data from space
  • Promote the applied research in space engineering in the Egyptian universities and research Institutes

The satellite carries a small camera with a ground resolution of 100 meter to take snapshots for Egypt territories.

Originally a piggy-back launch on a Japanese H-2A-202 rocket with Planet C in 2010 was planned, but did not take place. In 2013, a launch on an Indian PSLV rocket was planned. In 2017, the project was restarted as NARSScube 1. The satellite was launched on board of HTV 8 to the ISS, where it was deployed on 20 November 2019.

A second identical satellite, NARSScube 2, was built. It was originally to launch on the Cygnus CRS-10 mission to the ISS, but was delayed due to licensing issues. It was launched on board of Dragon CRS-18 and transfered on the ISS to the SEOPS Slingshot deployer on Cygnus CRS-11. It was deployed on 8 August 2019 after Cygnus CRS-11 departing from the ISS.

Nation: Egypt
Type / Application: Technology
Operator: NARSS
Contractors: NARSS
Equipment: Camera
Configuration: CubeSat (1U)
Propulsion: None
Power: Solar cells, batteries
Lifetime: 1 year
Mass: 1 kg
Orbit: 413 km 416 km, 51.64 (#1); 469 km 485 km, 51.64 (#2)
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
NARSScube 1 (ex Egycubesat 1) 1998-067QX 24.09.2019 Ta YLP-2 H-2B-304 with HTV 8, AQT-D, RWASAT 1
NARSScube 2 2019-022E 25.07.2019 CC SLC-40 Falcon-9 v1.2 (Block 5) with Dragon CRS-18, IDA 3, ORCA 1, RFTSat 1, Quantum Radar 3


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