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Cosmos Test

Cosmos Test (deployed) [Cosmos Studios]

Cosmos Test (before launch) [Cosmos Studios]

This was a dual, suborbital test mission: It was to test the deployment of the solar sails developed for the Cosmos-1 mission and to test a IRDT type inflatable heat shield for reentry.

This mission carried two blades of solar sail, which are to be used in the Cosmos-1 mission. After successful deployment, these blades were to be jettisoned before reentry.

IRDT (Inflatable Re-Entry and Descent Technology) is a new technology to return payloads from orbit without a heavy heatshield and parachute system. A inflatable cone provides protection during reentry and a second inflatable extension of the cone reduces the speed further for a safe landing.

The flight failed, when the IRDT/Cosmos-Test did not separate from the Volna launch vehicle.

Nation: Russia, USA
Type / Application: Inflatable heatshield technology
Operator: Cosmos Studios, Babakin
Equipment: 2 Cosmos solar sails, IRDT shield
Propulsion: None
Power: Batteries
Orbit: suborbital
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Cosmos Test / IRDT N/A 20.07.2001 @BS (K-496 Borisoglebsk) *F Volna

* = suborbital mission

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