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DFH-4 Bus

generic DFH-4 bus [CAST]

The DFH-4 bus is a large telecommunications satellite platform of new generation, it keeps high capability in output power and communication capacity ranking with international advanced satellite platforms. This platform can be used in high capacity broadcast communications satellite, new generation direct broadcasting satellite, new generation tracking and data relay satellite, regional mobile communications satellite, etc. The platform comprises propulsion module, service module and solar array. It has a payload capacity of 588 kg and an output power of 10.5 kW by the end of its lifetime. Its design lifetime is 15 years and its reliability by the end of lifetime is more than 0.78. Based on versatility, inheritance, expandability and promptness principles and mature technology, the platform will reach world advanced level to meet the needs of international and domestic large communications satellite markets.


Following failures of DFH-4 models have occured:

  • Sinosat 2: failed to deploy solar arrays, total loss
  • NIGCOMSAT 1: failed due to a technical error of the satellite's solar array in November 2008

Satellite Ordered Date Launcher Weight (kg) Remarks
Launch BOL
AlComSat 1 2017 CZ-3B/G2 5200
APStar 6B 2004 2008 CZ-3B cancelled
APStar 6C 2015 2018 CZ-3B/G2
APStar 9/MySat 1 2013 16.10.2015 CZ-3B/G2
Belintersat 1 (ZX 15, ChinaSat 15) 2011 15.01.2016 CZ-3B/G2 5223
CongoSat 01 2012 2018 CZ-3B/G2 on hold
FH 2A (ZX 1A, ChinaSat 1A) 18.09.2011 CZ-3B/G3
FH 2B (ZX 1B, ChinaSat 1B) CZ-3B/G3
FH 2C (ZX 1C, ChinaSat 1C) 09.12.2015 CZ-3B/G3
NIGCOMSAT 1 2004 13.05.2007 CZ-3B/G2 5200 Solar array failure
NIGCOMSAT 1R 2009 19.12.2011 CZ-3B/G2 5200
Paksat 1R 2008 11.08.2011 CZ-3B/G2 5120
Sinosat 2 (Xinnuo 2) 2002 28.10.2006 CZ-3B 5100 failed to deploy solar arrays
ST 2A (ZX 2A, ChinaSat 2A) 26.05.2012 CZ-3B/G3
ST 2B (ZX 2A, ChinaSat 2A) CZ-3B/G3
ST 2C (ZX 2C, ChinaSat 2C) 03.11.2015 CZ-3B/G3
SupremeSat 2 2012 2018 CZ-3B/G2 on hold
Túpac Katari 1 (TKSat 1) 2010 20.12.2013 CZ-3B/G2 5100
VENESAT 1 (Simon Bolivar 1) 2005 29.10.2008 CZ-3B/G2 5049
ZX 6A (ChinaSat 6A) (ex Sinosat 6, Xinnuo 6) 2007 04.09.2010 CZ-3B/G2 5000
ZX 6C (ChinaSat 6C) CZ-3B/G2
ZX 9A (ChinaSat 9A) (ex Sinosat 4, Xinnuo 4) 2006 ? 201x CZ-3B/G2 5100
ZX 10 (ChinaSat 10) (ex Sinosat 5, Xinnuo 5) 2006 20.06.2011 CZ-3B/G2
ZX 11 (ChinaSat 11) 2010 01.05.2013 CZ-3B/G2 5234
ZX 16 (ChinaSat 16) 2017 CZ-3B/G2
ZX ? (ChinaSat ?) (ex ZX 5A) 2006 CZ-3B/G2 status unclear
ZX 18 (ChinaSat 18) 2017 CZ-3B/G2
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