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BOR-5 [NPO Molniya]

The BOR-5 (Bespilotniye Orbitalniye Raketoplan) was a 1:8 sized test vehicle for the Buran space shutte.

BOR-5 was used to study the main aerodynamic, thermal, acoustic and stability characteristics of the Buran. Five of these vehicles were built and flown. They were put into a suborbital trajectory by K65M-RB5 rockets launched from Kapustin Yar. After reaching a height of 210 km and following reentry, they landed in Lake Balkhash to be recovered.

Two BOR-5 vehicles are on public display: BOR-5 №502 at Central Air Force Museum, Monino, Russia and BOR-5 №505 at the Technik Museum Speyer, Speyer, Germany.

Nation: USSR
Type / Application: Spacecraft technology
Contractors: NPO Molniya
Power: Batteries
Mass: 1450
Orbit: suborbital
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
BOR-5 №501 N/A 05.07.1984 KY LC-107 *p K65M-RB5 failed to seperate
BOR-5 №502 N/A 17.04.1985 KY LC-107 * K65M-RB5
BOR-5 №503 N/A 25.12.1986 KY LC-107 * K65M-RB5
BOR-5 №504 N/A 27.08.1987 KY LC-107 * K65M-RB5
BOR-5 №505 N/A 21.06.1988 KY LC-107 * K65M-RB5

* = suborbital

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