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Soyuz-2-1v Volga (Soyuz-1 Volga)

Soyuz-2-1v Volga (SKRL-756)

The Soyuz-2-1v (formerly called Soyuz-1) is a lightweight derivative of the Soyuz launch vehicle. It ommits the four strap-on boosters and features a modified core. While originally the core with a NK-33-1 engine was planned, the core had to modified to a larger diameter, when the development of the NK-33-1 was cancelled and replaced with a NK-33A and an additional RD-0110 vernier engine.

The Volga upper stage is built by TsSKB in Samara. This third stage is derived from the Ikar upper stage, which was in turn an existing flight-proven module that has been used as a propulsion module of Yantar type satellites.

The first flight was made in late 2013 from Plesetsk.

→ complete list of all Soyuz with Ikar / Volga upper stage flights

Version Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
Soyuz-2-1v Volga (Soyuz-1 Volga) Blok-A / NK-33A + RD-0110R Blok-I mod. / RD-0124 Volga
Performance (kg) LEO LPEO SSO GTO GEO MolO IP
Soyuz-2-1v Volga 1400 - - - -
Nr     TNr   Vehicle                         Serial          Date      Sc  LS              Payload

 1     1   Soyuz-2-1v Volga                  76058-002       28.12.2013    Pl LC-43/4      Aist-1 1 / Kosmos 2492 (SKRL-756 1) / Kosmos 2493 (SKRL-756 2) / 
 2     2   Soyuz-2-1v Volga                  78031-001       05.12.2015 p  Pl LC-43/4      Kosmos 2511 (Kanopus-ST 1) / Kosmos 2512 (KYuA 1)
 3     3   Soyuz-2-1v Volga                  78072-003       23.06.2017    Pl LC-43/4      Kosmos 2519 / Kosmos 2521 (Sputnik Inspektor) / Kosmos 2523
 5     4   Soyuz-2-1v Volga                  78072-004       10.07.2019    Pl LC-43/4      Kosmos 2535 / Kosmos 2536 / Kosmos 2537 / Kosmos 2538


 x     x   Soyuz-2-1v Volga                  .               xx.xx.2019    Pl              Gonets-M1 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6


 2: Kosmos 2511 (Kanopus-ST 1) failed to separate from upper stage

Launch sites:

Pl  = Plesetsk (NIIP-53, GIK-1, GNIIP), Russia Russia
Vo  = Vostochniy, Amurskaya Oblast', Russia Russia