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Ikar / Volga


The Ikar upper stage is part of the Soyuz launch system upgrade policy. Built by TsSKB in Samara, this fourth stage is derived from an existing flight-proven module that has been used as a propulsion module of Yantar type satellites. Equipment and subsystems from the module are used to the maximum extent to limit new development. Modifications are primarily limited to some of command/control equipment and certain mechanical/electrical interfaces with the payload.

Ikar has a mass of 820 kg. and is located under the payload fairing. With an in-flight restart capability of up to 50 times, it can handle deployment of multi-satellite payloads to different orbits. The stage can be controlled from the ground or in an operate autonomous mode.

The stage is powered by a 17D61 engine from the KB Melnikov and has a vacuum thrust of 2943 kN. It operates on UDMH/N2O4 propellant and has 16 vernier engines for flight control.

Nation: Russia
StageType / Application: Manoeuvering stage
Contractors: TsSKB
Propulsion: 17D61
Fuel UDMH / N2O4
Mass (total):
Mass (dry):
Mass (fuel):
Used with: Soyuz-U Ikar
Nr     TNr   Vehicle                       Serial           Date      Sc  LS               Payload

  1      1   Soyuz-U Ikar                  S15000-058       09.02.1999    Ba LC-1/5    A   Globalstar M023 / M036 / M038 / M040
  2      2   Soyuz-U Ikar                  S15000-059       15.03.1999    Ba LC-1/5    A   Globalstar M022 / M037 / M041 / M046
  3      3   Soyuz-U Ikar                  S15000-060       15.04.1999    Ba LC-1/5    A   Globalstar M019 / M042 / M044 / M045
  4      4   Soyuz-U Ikar                  S15000-061       22.09.1999    Ba LC-1/5    A   Globalstar M033 / M050 / M055 / M058
  5      5   Soyuz-U Ikar                  M15000-062       18.10.1999    Ba LC-1/5    A   Globalstar M031 / M056 / M057 / M059
  6      6   Soyuz-U Ikar                  M15000-063       22.11.1999    Ba LC-1/5    A   Globalstar M029 / M034 / M039 / M061
  7      1   Soyuz-2-1v Volga              76058-002        28.12.2013    Pl LC-43/4   A   Aist-1 1 / Kosmos 2492 (SKRL-756 1) / Kosmos 2493 (SKRL-756 2) / Ballast
  8      2   Soyuz-2-1v Volga              78031-001        05.12.2015 p  Pl LC-43/4   A   Kosmos 2511 (Kanopus-ST 1) / Kosmos 2512 (KYuA 1)
  9      1   Soyuz-2-1a Volga              R15000-001       28.04.2016    Vo LC-1S     ST  MVL-300 / Aist 2D / SamSat-218/D
 10      3   Soyuz-2-1v Volga              78072-003        23.06.2017    Pl LC-43/4   A   Kosmos 2519 / Kosmos 2521 (Sputnik Inspektor) / Kosmos 2523
 11      4   Soyuz-2-1v Volga              .............    10.07.2019    Pl LC-43/4   A   Kosmos 2535 / Kosmos 2536 / Kosmos 2537 / Kosmos 2538

F	Failure
P	Partial Failure

Launch sites:

Ba  = Baikonur (Tyuratam, NIIP-5, GIK-5), Tyuratam, Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Pl  = Plesetsk (NIIP-53, GIK-1, GNIIP), Russia Russia
Vo  = Vostochniy, Amurskaya Oblast', Russia Russia

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