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The Ikar upper stage is part of the Soyuz launch system upgrade policy. Built by TsSKB in Samara, this fourth stage is derived from an existing flight-proven module that has been used as a propulsion module of Yantar type satellites. Equipment and subsystems from the module are used to the maximum extent to limit new development. Modifications are primarily limited to some of command/control equipment and certain mechanical/electrical interfaces with the payload.

Ikar has a mass of 820 kg. and is located under the payload fairing. With an in-flight restart capability of up to 50 times, it can handle deployment of multi-satellite payloads to different orbits. The stage can be controlled from the ground or in an operate autonomous mode.

The stage is powered by a 17D61 engine from the KB Melnikov and has a vacuum thrust of 2943 kN. It operates on UDMH/N2O4 propellant and has 16 vernier engines for flight control.

Nation: Russia
StageType / Application: Manoeuvering stage
Contractors: TsSKB
Propulsion: 17D61
Fuel UDMH / N2O4
Mass (total):
Mass (dry):
Mass (fuel):
Used with: Soyuz-U Ikar
No:     Type:                               Date:       LS         Payload

         1   Soyuz-U Ikar                   09.02.1999    Ba LC-1/5  Globalstar 23 / Globalstar 36 / Globalstar 38 / Globalstar 40
         2   Soyuz-U Ikar                   15.03.1999    Ba LC-1/5  Globalstar 22 / Globalstar 37 / Globalstar 41 / Globalstar 46
         3   Soyuz-U Ikar                   15.04.1999    Ba LC-1/5  Globalstar 19 / Globalstar 42 / Globalstar 44 / Globalstar 45
         4   Soyuz-U Ikar                   22.09.1999    Ba LC-1/5  Globalstar 33 / Globalstar 50 / Globalstar 55 / Globalstar 58
         5   Soyuz-U Ikar                   18.10.1999    Ba LC-1/5  Globalstar 31 / Globalstar 56 / Globalstar 57 / Globalstar 59
         6   Soyuz-U Ikar                   22.11.1999    Ba LC-1/5  Globalstar 29 / Globalstar 34 / Globalstar 39 / Globalstar 61

TB	Tyuratam / Baikonur
F	Failure
P	Partial Failure