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Tselina-2 (11F644)

Tselina-2 [Yuzhnoye]

The Tselina-2 (11F644) series of ELINT satellites were replacements for the first generation system. Based on the first generation Tselina-D ELINT, TSNII-KS at the beginning of the 1970's developed the specifications for an improved model with increased frequency range and on-board method of determining the position of fixed transmitters. The original Tselina-2 design was authorised in March 1973 and handled by prime contractor TsNIRTI Minradioprom for the ELINT equipment and KB Yuzhnoye for the spacecraft bus.

The new specification for a universal Army-Navy system called for a satellite with increased mass and lifetime. This would be launched by the Zenit-2 booster, replacing the separate earlier-generation systems. Data transmission was directly to ground stations via geosynchronous communications satellites.

Delays in development of the Zenit-2 launch vehicle resulted in launching the first two trials flights by Proton-K Blok-DM-2 booster in 1984 and 1985.

Tselina-2 is 3-axis stabilized with addition of a gravity gardient boom, basicly an enlarged version of the Tselina-D bus.

US-PM will be replaced by the new Lotos-S ELINT satellites of the Liana system.

Nation: USSR / Russia
Type / Application: SIGINT
Contractors: KB Yuzhnoye (bus), TsNIRTI Minradioprom (ELINT payload)
Propulsion: ?
Power: 2 deployable solar arrays, batteries
Lifetime: 1 year
Mass: 3200 kg
Orbit: 850 km × 850 km, 71.0 (typical)
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Kosmos 1603 (Tselina-2 #1) 1984-106A 28.09.1984 Ba LC-200/39 Proton-K Blok-DM-2
Kosmos 1656 (Tselina-2 #2) 1985-042A 30.05.1985 Ba LC-200/40 Proton-K Blok-DM-2
Kosmos 1714 (Tselina-2 #3) 1985-121A 28.12.1985 Ba LC-45/ P Zenit-2
Kosmos 1844 (Tselina-2 #4) 1987-041A 13.05.1987 Ba LC-45/1 Zenit-2
Kosmos 1943 (Tselina-2 #5) 1988-039A 15.05.1988 Ba LC-45/1 Zenit-2
Kosmos 1980 (Tselina-2 #6) 1988-102A 23.11.1988 Ba LC-45/1 Zenit-2
Kosmos 2082 (Tselina-2 #7) 1990-046A 22.05.1990 Ba LC-45/2 Zenit-2
Kosmos (2102) (Tselina-2 #8) 1990-F05 04.10.1990 Ba LC-45/2 F Zenit-2
Kosmos (2155) (Tselina-2 #9) 1991-F03 30.08.1991 Ba LC-45/1 F Zenit-2
Kosmos (2180) (Tselina-2 #10) 1992-F01 05.02.1992 Ba LC-45/1 F Zenit-2
Kosmos 2219 (Tselina-2 #11) 1992-076A 17.11.1992 Ba LC-45/1 Zenit-2
Kosmos 2227 (Tselina-2 #12) 1992-093A 25.12.1992 Ba LC-45/1 Zenit-2
Kosmos 2237 (Tselina-2 #13) 1993-016A 26.03.1993 Ba LC-45/1 Zenit-2
Kosmos 2263 (Tselina-2 #14) 1993-059A 16.09.1993 Ba LC-45/1 Zenit-2
Kosmos 2278 (Tselina-2 #15) 1994-023A 23.04.1994 Ba LC-45/1 Zenit-2
Kosmos 2297 (Tselina-2 #16) 1994-077A 24.11.1994 Ba LC-45/1 Zenit-2
Kosmos 2322 (Tselina-2 #17) 1995-058A 31.10.1995 Ba LC-45/1 Zenit-2
Kosmos 2333 (Tselina-2 #18) 1996-051A 04.09.1996 Ba LC-45/1 Zenit-2
Kosmos (2342) (Tselina-2 #19) 1997-F02 20.05.1997 Ba LC-45/1 F Zenit-2
Kosmos 2360 (Tselina-2 #20) 1998-045A 28.07.1998 Ba LC-45/1 Zenit-2
Kosmos 2369 (Tselina-2 #21) 2000-006A 03.02.2000 Ba LC-45/1 Zenit-2
Kosmos 2406 (Tselina-2 #22) 2004-021A 10.06.2004 Ba LC-45/1 Zenit-2
Kosmos 2428 (Tselina-2 #23) 2007-029A 29.06.2007 Ba LC-45/1 Zenit-2M
Tselina-2 #24 - ? Ba LC-45/1 Zenit-2M


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