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NOSS-MSD with three NOSS
satellites attached [NRL]

MSD (Multiple Satellite Dispenser) were dispensers for the Parcae (NOSS) satellite triplets.

These satellites were developed by the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL). Each launch on top of an modified Atlas-E/F rocket consisted of the MSD mother satellite, which also acted as an upper stage for the stack using an integrated FW-4D solid rocket motor. In orbit, three NOSS satellites were separated and flew together in a triangle formation.

Around the base of the cylindrical MSD was a jettisonable plume shield to protect the NOSS subsatellites. In three launches these plume shields were modified to function as low-cost experimental satellites under the designation LIPS.

Nation: USA
Type / Application: Ocean Surveillance Launch Dispenser
Operator: ?
Contractors: Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) (#1, 2); ? (#3 - 9)
Equipment: ?
Configuration: ?
Propulsion: FW-4D ?
Orbit: 1050 km × 1150 km, 63 (typical)
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
MSD 1 (NRL-PL 180) 1976-038A 30.04.1976 Va SLC-3W Atlas-F MSD with Parcae 1A, Parcae 1B, Parcae 1C
MSD 2 (NRL-PL 190) 1977-112A 08.12.1977 Va SLC-3W Atlas-F MSD with Parcae 2A, Parcae 2B, Parcae 2C
MSD 3 1980-019A 03.03.1980 Va SLC-3W Atlas-F MSD with Parcae 3A, Parcae 3B, Parcae 3C
MSD 4 1980-F03 09.12.1980 Va SLC-3W F Atlas-E MSD with Parcae 4A, Parcae 4B, Parcae 4C, LIPS 1
MSD 5 1983-008A 09.02.1983 Va SLC-3E Atlas-H MSD with Parcae 5A, Parcae 5B, Parcae 5C, LIPS 2
MSD 6 1983-056A 09.06.1983 Va SLC-3E Atlas-H MSD with Parcae 6A, Parcae 6B, Parcae 6C
MSD 7 1984-012A 05.02.1984 Va SLC-3E Atlas-H MSD with Parcae 7A, Parcae 7B, Parcae 7C
MSD 8 (USA 15) 1986-014A 09.02.1986 Va SLC-3E Atlas-H MSD with Parcae 8A, Parcae 8B, Parcae 8C
MSD 9 (USA 22) 1987-043A 15.05.1987 Va SLC-3E Atlas-H MSD with Parcae 9A, Parcae 9B, Parcae 9C, LIPS 3

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