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NOSS-MSD with three NOSS
satellites attached

MSD (Multiple Satellite Dispenser) were dispensers for the Parcae (NOSS) satellite triplets.

These satellites were developed by the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL). Each launch on top of an modified Atlas-E/F rocket consisted of the MSD mother satellite, which also acted as an upper stage for the stack using an integrated FW-4D solid rocket motor. In orbit, three NOSS satellites were separated and flew together in a triangle formation.

Around the base of the cylindrical MSD was a jettisonable plume shield to protect the NOSS subsatellites. In three launches these plume shields were modified to function as low-cost experimental satellites under the designation LIPS.

Nation: USA
Type / Application: Ocean Surveillance Launch Dispenser
Operator: ?
Contractors: Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) (#1, 2); ? (#3 - 9)
Equipment: ?
Configuration: ?
Propulsion: FW-4D ?
Orbit: 1050 km × 1150 km, 63 (typical)
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
MSD 1 (NRL-PL 180) 1976-038A 30.04.1976 Va SLC-3W Atlas-F MSD with Parcae 1A, Parcae 1B, Parcae 1C
MSD 2 (NRL-PL 190) 1977-112A 08.12.1977 Va SLC-3W Atlas-F MSD with Parcae 2A, Parcae 2B, Parcae 2C
MSD 3 1980-019A 03.03.1980 Va SLC-3W Atlas-F MSD with Parcae 3A, Parcae 3B, Parcae 3C
MSD 4 1980-F03 09.12.1980 Va SLC-3W F Atlas-E MSD with Parcae 4A, Parcae 4B, Parcae 4C, LIPS 1
MSD 5 1983-008A 09.02.1983 Va SLC-3E Atlas-H MSD with Parcae 5A, Parcae 5B, Parcae 5C, LIPS 2
MSD 6 1983-056A 09.06.1983 Va SLC-3E Atlas-H MSD with Parcae 6A, Parcae 6B, Parcae 6C
MSD 7 1984-012A 05.02.1984 Va SLC-3E Atlas-H MSD with Parcae 7A, Parcae 7B, Parcae 7C
MSD 8 (USA 15) 1986-014A 09.02.1986 Va SLC-3E Atlas-H MSD with Parcae 8A, Parcae 8B, Parcae 8C
MSD 9 (USA 22) 1987-043A 15.05.1987 Va SLC-3E Atlas-H MSD with Parcae 9A, Parcae 9B, Parcae 9C, LIPS 3

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