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IABS stage with DSCS-3 satellite

The IABS (Integrated Apogee Boost System) was a spin stabilized, liquid fueled, single stage vehicle which used hypergolic fuel. It was designed to provide the apogee firing for GEO insertion for DSCS-3 satellites, which did not have an apogee propulsion system. IABS featured solar arrays to remain operational and in orbit for up to 12 days although it was never used for so long missions.

Nation: USA
StageType / Application: Apogee Kick Stage
Configuratation: Spin stabilized
Propulsion: 2 × R-4D
Mass (total):
Mass (dry):
Mass (fuel):
Used with: Atlas-2, Atlas-2A, Delta-4M
No:       Type:                             Des:     L.Date     LS          Payload

 1        Atlas-2 [IABS]                    IABS-01  11.02.1992   CC LC-36A   DSCS-3 B14 (USA 78)
 2        Atlas-2 [IABS]                    IABS-02  02.07.1992   CC LC-36A   DSCS-3 B12 (USA 82)
 3        Atlas-2 [IABS]                    IABS-03  19.07.1993   CC LC-36A   DSCS-3 B9 (USA 93)
 4        Atlas-2 [IABS]                    IABS-04  28.11.1993   CC LC-36A   DSCS-3 B10 (USA 97)
 5        Atlas-2A [IABS]                   IABS-05  31.07.1995   CC LC-36A   DSCS-3 B7 (USA 113)
 6        Atlas-2A [IABS]                   IABS-06  25.10.1997   CC LC-36A   DSCS-3 B13 (USA 134) / Falcon Gold
 7        Atlas-2A [IABS]                   IABS-09  21.01.2000   CC SLC-36A  DSCS-3 B8 (USA 148)
 8        Atlas-2A [IABS]                   IABS-08  20.10.2000   CC SLC-36A  DSCS-3 B11 (USA 153)
 9        Delta-4M [IABS]                   IABS-10  11.03.2003   CC SLC-37B  DSCS-3 A3 (USA 167)
10        Delta-4M [IABS]                   IABS-07  29.08.2003   CC SLC-37B  DSCS-3 B6 (USA 170)

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