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Voskhod 1

The Voskhod-3KV was a Soviet crewed spacecraft based closely on the Vostok-3K capsule. It was capable to carry crews of up to three cosmonauts.

The basic difference to Vostok was the elimination of the ejector seat to make room for two cosmonauts in spacesuits or three without spacesuits. To soften the landing, a solid fuel retro rocket was incorporated. Also a solid fuel back-up retro rocket system was carried in front of the spherical reentry capsule.

Kosmos 47 was an uncrewed flight to test the spacecraft's systems. The 24 hour flight was successful.

Voskhod 1 was the first crewed flight of a Voskhod spacecraft and the first flight carrying more than one person. The crew of three cosmonauts (Komarov, Feoktistov and Yegorov) did not wear pressure suits due to lack of room. The capsule returned after slightly more than 24 hours.

Kosmos 110 was an uncrewed long duration flight carrying two dogs (Veterok and Ugolyok). The capsule with the dogs returned safely after 22 days in orbit. It was a test for the cancelled crewed long duration flight Voskhod 3.

The crewed long duration flights Voskhod 3 and 4 with two men crews were cancelled.

Nation: USSR
Type / Application: Crewed spacecraft
Configuration: Vostok / Zenit Bus
Propulsion: TDU-1, back-up solid propellant retrorocket package
Power: Batteries
Lifetime: 24 hours (#K47, #1); 22 days (#K110)
Mass: 5320 kg (#K47, #1); 5700 kg (#K110)
Orbit: 174 km × 383 km, 64.8 (#K47); 178 km × 336 km, 64.7 (#1); 190 km × 882 km, 51.85
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Kosmos 47 (Voskhod-3KV #1) 1964-062A 06.10.1964 Ba LC-1/5 Voskhod
Voskhod 1 (Voskhod-3KV #2) 1964-065A 12.10.1964 Ba LC-1/5 Voskhod
Kosmos 110 (Voskhod-3KV #3) 1966-015A 22.02.1966 Ba LC-31/6 Voskhod
Voskhod 3 (Voskhod-3KV #4) - cancelled Ba Voskhod
Voskhod 4 (Voskhod-3KV #5) - cancelled Ba Voskhod

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