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SARah 2, 3

SARah 2 [OHB System]

SARah is the planned follow-on system for the SAR-Lupe radar satellite constellation operated by the German armed forces (Bundeswehr). SARah consists of one active phased array-antenna satellite built by EADS Astrium and two passive reflector antenna satellites provided by OHB-System. This system is planned to provide a higher resolution than the predecessor SAR-Lupe. Authorisation of the program is planned for June 2013.

The SARah 2 and 3 satellites form the second component of the SARah system. These satellites will be based on the reflector-antenna technology of the SAR-Lupe satellites. They will fly in formation with SARah 1.

The three satellite constellation is planned at a cost of 800 million Euro.

The satellites will be launched together on a Falcon-9 v1.2 (Block 5) booster between November 2020 and September 2021.

Nation: Germany
Type / Application: Reconnaissance, Radar
Operator: Bundeswehr
Contractors: OHB-System GmbH
Equipment: Reflector-antenna SAR
Configuration: SmartLEO-Agile
Power: Solar cells, batteries
Mass: ~ 1800 kg
Orbit: 500 km × 500 km, 88.2°
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
SARah 2 2023-204A 24.12.2023 Va SLC-4E Falcon-9 v1.2 (Block 5) with SARah 3
SARah 3 2023-204B 24.12.2023 Va SLC-4E Falcon-9 v1.2 (Block 5) with SARah 2
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