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Atlas-5(411) (OSIRIS-REx) [ULA]

Atlas-5(411) (Astra 1KR) [Lockheed Martin]

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Version Strap-On Stage 1 Stage 2
Atlas-5(411) 1 × AJ-60A CCB / RD-180 Centaur-5-SEC / RL10A-4-2 or RL10C-1
Performance (kg) LEO LPEO SSO GTO GEO MolO IP
Atlas-5(411) * 9050 9015 8495 6075 -
Nr:  TNr: Vehicle:        Serial:   Fair: LS:         Date:         Payload

 8   1    Atlas-5(411)    AV-008    4M    CC SLC-41   20.04.2006    Astra 1KR
13   2    Atlas-5(411)    AV-006    4M    Va SLC-3E   13.03.2008    Trumpet 5 (USA 200, NROL 28, SBIRS HEO-2, TWINS B)
25   3    Atlas-5(411)    AV-027    4M    Va SLC-3E   15.04.2011    Intruder 9A (USA 229) / Intruder 9B (USA 229-2, NROL 34)
65   4    Atlas-5(411)    AV-067    4S    CC SLC-41   08.09.2016    OSIRIS-REx
75   5    Atlas-5(411)    AV-076    4S    CC SLC-41   20.01.2018    SBIRS-GEO 4 (USA 282)


 x   x    Atlas-5(411)    x         4     CC SLC-41   xx.xx.2021    SBIRS-GEO 5
 x   x    Atlas-5(411)    x         4     CC SLC-41   xx.xx.2022    SBIRS-GEO 6
 x   x    Atlas-5(411)    x         4     CC SLC-41   xx.xx.2020    Solar Orbiter

Fairing types:

4S = 4 m diameter,  9.4 m inner height (LPF)
4M = 4 m diameter, 10.3 m inner height (EPF)
4L = 4 m diameter, 11.2 m inner height (XEPF)

Launch sites:

CC  = Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Eastern Test Range, Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA USA
Va  = Vandenberg AFB, California, USA USA