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D-Region Tomahawk

The Tomahawk, based on the Thiokol TE-416 Motor, was designed by the Sandia Corp. as a small sounding rockets in the International Quiet Sun Year (IQSY) in 1963. Initial tests from Tonopah, Nevada and Point Mugu, California failed. The fourth launch from Wallops Island was a success, but it was not used in the IQSY experiments. NASA used another Version, the D-Region Tomahawk in 1968, but little further use of it was made.

Although it lacked success as a single stage sounding rocket, it was highly successful as the second stage on  Nike, Terrier, Taurus (Honest John), Ute, Paiute and Sandhawk boosters. Several hundred of these configurations were launched.

Version Stage 1
Tomahawk Tomahawk / TE-M-416
D-Region Tomahawk Tomahawk / TE-M-416
Nr:   TNr:  Date:         Vehicle                  LS         Suc  Payload

 1     1    12.06.1963    Tomahawk                 Ton        *    Sandia 152-1 (Seagull, IQSY)
 2     2    30.06.1963    Tomahawk                 PM         *F   IQSY Tomahawk 
 3     3    10.03.1964    Tomahawk                 Ton        *    Sandia 152-5 (Tomahawk-Dart)
 4     4    25.09.1964    Tomahawk                 WI         *    IQSY Tomahawk
 5     5    08.10.1964    Tomahawk                 Kau        *    Sandia 152-37 (Darthawk)
 6     6    14.10.1964    Tomahawk                 Kau        *    Sandia 152-38 (Darthawk)
 7     7    20.10.1964    Tomahawk                 Ton        *F   Sandia 152-69 (Ballistic)
 8     8    20.01.1965    Tomahawk                 Ton        *    Sandia 152-14 (Magnus Stovepipe)
 9     9    02.02.1965    Tomahawk                 Ton        *    Sandia 152-17 (Magnus)
10    10    03.02.1965    Tomahawk                 Ton        *    Sandia 152-47 (Magnus)
 x     x    xx.xx.1965    Tomahawk                 Ton        *    Sandia 276-2 (Dart Parachute)
 x     x    01.03.1965    Tomahawk                 Kau        *    Sandia 152-40 (Magnus)
 x     x    03.03.1965    Tomahawk                 Kau        *    Sandia 152-39 (Darthawk)
 x     x    25.07.1965    Tomahawk                 Kau        *    Sandia 152-15 (Dart/EMP)
 x     x    xx.xx.1966    Tomahawk                 Ton        *    Sandia 276-3 (Dart Parachute)
 x     x    xx.xx.1966    Tomahawk                 Ton        *    Sandia 276-4 (Dart Parachute)
 x     x    xx.xx.1966    Tomahawk                 Ton        *    Sandia 276-5 (Dart Parachute)
 x     x    05.04.1966    Tomahawk                 Ton        *F   Sandia 152-41 (Despin)
 x     x    xx.xx.1967    Tomahawk                 Ton        *    Sandia 276-6 (Dart Parachute)
 x     x    xx.xx.1967    Tomahawk                 Ton        *    Sandia 276-7 (Dart Parachute)
 x     x    xx.xx.1967    Tomahawk                 Ton        *    Sandia 276-8 (Dart Parachute)
 x     x    xx.xx.1967    Tomahawk                 Ton        *    Sandia 276-9 (Dart Parachute)
 x     x    27.07.1967    Tomahawk                 Ton        *    Sandia 152-96 (9" Ballistic)
 x     x    25.09.1967    Tomahawk                 JI         *    Sandia 152-61 (JTF-8 Safeguard)
 x     x    06.12.1967    Tomahawk                 Ton HAD-4  *    Sandia 152-110 (LRL BOX-13)
 x     1    05.02.1968    D-Region Tomahawk        WI         *    NASA 12.08GT 

Launch sites:

JI  = Johnston Island, Pacific, USA USA
Kau = Kauai Test Facility (KTF) (Pacific Missile Range Facility), Barking Sands, Kauai, USA USA
PF  = Poker Flat Research Range, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA USA
PM  = Naval Missile and Astronautics Center, Point Mugu, California, USA USA
Ton = Tonopah Test Range, Nevada, USA USA
WI  = Wallops Flight Facility, Wallops Island, Virginia, USA USA

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