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Terrier with upper stage


Terrier Malemute (EQUIS-2) [NASA]

Terrier Improved Orion [MDA]

Terrier Sandhawk [Sandia]

Terrier Hydac

Vista-300 [Small Rocket Press]

Terrier Oriole

Terrier ASAS

Boosted Zombie [US Army]

Terrier Oriole Oriole [DGA]

Terrier Nike Terrier Lynx

After the Terrier surface to air missile was decomissioned by the USNavy, the booster stages became available for use as sounding rockets. Different upper stages are employed to increase the performance to reach the higher layers of the atmosphere and even space.

Launch Vehicle Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
Boosted Zombie (Terrier Mk.70 Zombie) Terrier Mk.70 (TX-664) ATACMS / M124 -
Hugo Terrier Mk.12 Cajun / TE-82 -
Terrier Mk.70 ASAS (Terrier ASAS) Terrier Mk.70 (TX-664) ASAS-21-120 (TE-M-1059-1) -
Terrier ASROC Cajun (TERASCA) Terrier Mk.12 ASROC Cajun / TE-82
Terrier Hydac Terrier Mk.12 Hydac -
Terrier Mk.70 Lynx (Terrier Lynx) Terrier Mk.70 (TX-664) Lynx (Mk.104) -
Terrier Malemute Terrier Mk.12 Mod.1 Malemute / TU-758 -
Terrier Mk.70 Improved Malemute (Terrier Mk.70 Patriot) Terrier Mk.70 (TX-664) Improved Malemute (TX-486-1) -
Terrier Nike Terrier Mk.12 Nike (M-5) -
Terrier NOTS-551 Terrier Mk.12 NOTS-551 (NOTS Mod 551-B) -
Terrier Oriole (Oriole-2) Terrier Mk.70 (TX-664) Oriole / GEM-22 -
Terrier Oriole Nihka (Oriole-3A) Terrier Mk.70 (TX-664) Oriole / GEM-22 Nihka / 17KS12000
Terrier Oriole Oriole Terrier Mk.70 (TX-664) Oriole / GEM-22 Oriole / GEM-22
Terrier Oriole Star-20 Terrier Mk.70 (TX-664) Oriole / GEM-22 Star-20
Terrier Orion Terrier Mk.12 Orion / M22E8 -
Terrier Mk.70 Orion Terrier Mk.70 (TX-664) Orion / M22E8 -
Terrier Improved Orion Terrier Mk.12 Mod.1 improved Orion / M112 -
Terrier Mk.70 Improved Orion Terrier Mk.70 (TX-664) improved Orion / M112 -
Terrier Peregrine Terrier Mk.70 (TX-664) Peregrine -
Terrier Recruit Terrier Mk.12 Recruit -
Terrier Sandhawk Terrier Mk.12 Sandhawk / TE-M-473 -
Terrier Tomahawk Terrier Mk.12 Tomahawk / TE-M-416 -
Terrier Viper-1 Terrier Mk.12 Viper-1 -
Vista-300 (Terrier Asp-4) Terrier Mk.12 Asp-4 -

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