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Nike with upper stage

Nike Cajun

Nike Apache [USAF]


Nike Asp [NASA]

Nike Iroquois

Nike Malemute [NASA]

Nike Recruit [NASA]


Nike Tomahawk [NASA]

Nike Orion [NASA]

Astrobee-200 [NASA]

Nike Double-Loki (E15) [NASA]

Thousands of surplus Nike motors were remanufactured into soundings rockets with various upper stages after the decommisionig of the Nike Ajax surface air missiles. All are spin stabilized featuring the three original Nike fins or four new ones. Several thousands have been launched so far.

Version Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
Nike Apache (Argo-B13) Nike / M5-E1 Apache / TE-307-2 -
Nike Asp (ASPAN) Nike / M5-E1 Asp -
Nike Cajun (CAN) Nike / M5-E1 Cajun / TE-82 -
Nike Cajun Little-David Nike / M5-E1 Cajun / TE-82 Little-David
Nike Deacon (DAN) Nike / M5-E1 Deacon (X-220) -
Nike Double-Loki Nike / M5-E1 2 × Loki -
Nike Genie Nike / M5-E1 Genie -
Nike Hawk Nike / M5-E1 Hawk -
Nike Hydac Nike / M5-E1 Hydac -
Nike Iroquois (NIRO) Nike / M5-E1 Iroquois / TE-M-388 -
Nike Javelin Nike / M5-E1 Javelin -
Nike Javelin-3 Nike / M5-E1 Javelin-3 -
Nike Malemute Nike / M5-E1 Malemute / TU-758 -
Nike Orion Nike / M5-E1 Orion / M22E8 -
Nike Improved Orion Nike / M5-E1 Improved Orion / M112 -
Nike Recruit Nike / M5-E1 Recruit (XM-19-E1) -
Nike T-40 T-55 Nike / M5-E1 T-40 T-55
Nike Tomahawk Nike / M5-E1 Tomahawk / TE-M-416 -
Nike Viper-1 Nike / M5-E1 Viper-1 -
Nike Yardbird Nike / M5-E1 Yardbird (TE-289) -
Astrobee-200 Nike / M5-E1 Alcor -

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