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Sputnik (8K71PS) (Launch of Sputnik 1)

Sputnik (8A91) (Launch of Sputnik 3)

Version Strap-On Stage 1
Sputnik (8K71PS) Blok-B,V,G,D / 4 × RD-107-8D74PS Blok-A / RD-108-8D75PS
Sputnik (8A91) Blok-B,V,G,D / 4 × RD-107-8D76 Blok-A / RD-108-8D77
No:   TNo:  Type:             Date          LS            Payload

 1    1     Sputnik (8K71PS)  04.10.1957    Ba LC-1/5     Sputnik 1 (PS-1 #1)
 2    2     Sputnik (8K71PS)  03.11.1957    Ba LC-1/5     Sputnik 2 (PS-2 #1)
 3    1     Sputnik (8A91)    03.02.1958    Ba LC-1/5  F  Sputnik (3) (D-1 #1)
 4    2     Sputnik (8A91)    15.05.1958    Ba LC-1/5     Sputnik 3 (D-1 #2)

Launch sites:

Ba  = Baikonur (Tyuratam, NIIP-5, GIK-5), Tyuratam, USSR USSR


Flight 3: Vehicle desintegrated after 88 sec

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