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Mightysat-2 (P99-1)

Mightysat 2.1 [Spectrum Astro]

Mightysat 2.1 (meaning first flight of the series-2 version) is an military minisatellite to test / demonstrate components for future utilization. The 130 kg spacecraft carries two kinds of hardware for tests. In the list of "unproven technologies" are:

  • SAC which focuses solar energy on solar cells;
  • NSX that is an ultra-light weight communications unit; and
  • MFCBS that contains a multifunctional composite bus structure.

In the list of "stand alone experiments" are:

  • FTHSI that provides hyperspectral images through a Fourier transform technique;
  • QS40 that monitors radiation damage in microelectronic components;
  • SMATTE to investigate the bimodal behavior of composite sheets that change physical properties such as stiffness by tailored thermal inputs but can recover to the original status after heating above a transition temperature; and
  • SAFI that carries embedded copper wires in a composite film to help reduce the weight of components.

Four more satellites in The MightySat-2 series were planned, but were finally cancelled.

Nation: USA
Type / Application: Experimental
Operator: USAF STP (Space Test Program)
Contractors: Spectrum Astro
Equipment: Fourier-Transform Hyperspectral Imager
Configuration: SA-200B
Power: 2 deployable solar arrays, batteries
Lifetime: 1 years
Mass: 124 kg (#2.1)
Orbit: 556 km × 556 km, 98 (#2.1)
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
MightySat 2.1 (Sindri, P99-1) 2000-042A 19.07.2000 Va CLF Minotaur-1 with MEMS 2A, MEMS 2B
MightySat 2.2 - cancelled
MightySat 2.3 - cancelled
MightySat 2.4 - cancelled
MightySat 2.5 - cancelled


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