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Télécom 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D

Télécom 2A [CNES]

The second generation Telecom spacecraft debuted on 16 December 1991 as Telecom 2A and was followed on 15 April 1992 by Telecom 2B. This new series of more capable spacecraft was designed and manufactured jointly by Matra Marconi and Alcatel Espace and is based on the Matra-British Aerospace Eurostar-2000 2.0 m × 2.1 m × 2.0 m satellite bus. On orbit mass of Telecom 2 is 1380 kg with a payload mass of 400 kg. The twin solar panels span 22 m and provide an excess of 3.6 kW with 2.5 kW available for the payload. The design life is 10.25 years.

The Telecom 2 communications package includes ten 6/4 GHz transponders with four spares for telephone and television relays, six 8/7 GHz transponders with three spares for the military Syracuse II payload, and 11 14/12 GHz transponders with four spares for television, data transmission, and teleconference. When completed the Telecom 2 constellation will be deployed at 8 degrees W, 5 degrees W, and 3 degrees E. At the end of 1994 Telecom 2A and 2B were stationed at 8 degrees W and 5 degrees W, respectively. Telecom 2C was launched in 1995 with Telecom 2D followed in 1996.

Nation: France
Type / Application: Communication
Operator: France Télécom
Contractors: Matra Marconi
Equipment: 10 C-band transponders, 11 Ku-band transponders, 5 X-band transponders
Configuration: Eurostar-2000
Propulsion: R-4D-11 (#2A, 2B), R-4D-11-300 (#2C, 2D)
Power: 2 deployable solar arrays, batteries
Lifetime: 10.25 years
Orbit: GEO
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Télécom 2A 1991-084A 16.12.1991 Ko ELA-2 Ariane-44L H10 with Inmarsat-2 F3
Télécom 2B 1992-021A 15.04.1992 Ko ELA-2 Ariane-44L H10+ with Inmarsat-2 F4
Télécom 2C 1995-067A 06.12.1995 Ko ELA-2 Ariane-44L H10-3 with Insat 2C
Télécom 2D 1996-044B 08.08.1996 Ko ELA-2 Ariane-44L H10-3 with Italsat 2
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