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SLIM (Smart Lander for Investigating the Moon) is a Japanese technology demonstration lunar landing mission to demonstrate pin-point landing technique and obstacle detection technique.

The SLIM project is a mission for researching the pinpoint landing technology necessary for future lunar probes and verifying this on the surface of the moon with a small scale probe.

In order to “pin-point landing” of this level, SLIM mission will demonstrate new image-based onboard navigation system and autonomous landing along with several other new technologies (e.g. “tow stage” landing sequence, metal shock absorbers). The SLIM spacecraft weight is ~730 kg wet mass and ~200 kg class dry mass. Its main propulsion consists of two 500 N class bipropellant thruster with N2H4 and MON-3. Tp>

After landing, SLIM project is planning to observe the lunar surface around landing site using the Multi-Band Camera (MBC).

The spacecraft will be launched on a H-2A-202 rocket together with XRISM in 2023. Landing on a site at 25.2º E, 13.3º S located in the west of Mare Nectaris is planned.

Nation: Japan
Type / Application: Lunar lander
Operator: JAXA, ISAS
Equipment: MBC
Power: Solar array, batteries
Mass: 730 kg
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
SLIM 2023-137D 06.09.2023 Ta YLP-1 H-2A-202 with XRISM

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