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Micron 1 (KS5MF2, MS-1-TK)

Micron 1 [Yuzhnoye]

The Earth remote sensing microsatellite with a TV camera of visible range. The first Ukrainian microsatellite built on the basis of technical and technological solutions of a unified microplatform of MC-1 class; it is an experimental satellite and serves mainly to try-out the space platform. The microsatellite is created under the National Space Program.

The launch is scheduled for 2004 together with Sich 1M satellite on Tsiklon-3 launch vehicle.

The microsatellite is equipped with small-size onboard TV camera of visible range (MÁTK-BD) with data transmission to the Earth via radio channel. The information from the satellite is planned to be used to solve the tasks of remote sensing in the interests of topography and meteorology.

The launch apparently was a partial failure, when the third stage of the Tsiklon-3 launch vehicle failed to circularize the orbit.

Nation: Ukraine
Type / Application: Ocean Observation
Operator: NKAU
Contractors: Yuzhnoye
Configuration: MS-1-TK
Power: 4 deployable fixed solar arrays, batteries
Mass: 66 kg
Orbit: 280 km × 640 km, 82.6° (650 km × 650 km, 82.5° planned)
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Micron 1 (KS5-MF2) 2004-052C 24.12.2004 Pl LC-32/2 Tsiklon-3 with Sich 1M

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