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FN 1, 1A (HummerSat 1, 1A)

FN 1A and FN 1 [DFHSat]

The mission of the FN (Fengniao, HummerSat) spacecrafts is to demonstrate new minisat technologies for formation flying.

The HummerSat-1 mission consist of a minisatellite, called FN-1 or HummerSat-1 with a launch mass of about 160 kg, as the principal spacecraft of the formation. In addition to the minisatellite HummerSat-1, there is a microsatellite, called FN-1A (or HummerSat-1A) with a mass of about 30 kg. FN-1A will be mounted on FN-1 at launch and will be deployed in orbit to form a two-spacecraft formation with the mother spacecraft. Both spacecraft are in contact with a crosslink for information exchange and the enactment of required orbit maneuvers. However, all ground communications with the formation is only via the mother spacecraft.

The goal of the FN-1 mission is to:

  • Demonstrate the newly developed CAST-mini bus and CAST-micro bus designs in space, in particular to validate their functional capabilities and technologies introduced
  • Demonstrate the capability of close formation flying technologies such as: relative navigation, guidance and control, intersatellite crosslink, and command.

It is unclear, if the FN 1A (HummerSat 1A) subsatellite was ever deployed.

Nation: China
Type / Application: Technological experiments
Contractors: SAST
Configuration: CAST-mini bus (#1); CAST-micro bus (#1A)
Power: 2 deployable solar arrays, batteries (#1); solar cells, batteries (#1A);
Mass: ~160 kg (#1); ~30 kg (#1A)
Orbit: 487 km × 499 km, 97.35 (#1)
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
FN 1 (HummerSat 1) 2012-064B 18.11.2012 TY LC-9 CZ-2C (3) with HJ 1C, XY 1, FN 1A
FN 1A (HummerSat 1A) 2012-064B 18.11.2012 TY LC-9 CZ-2C (3) with HJ 1C, XY 1, FN 1 / not deployed

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