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FEU-170 (on Zenit-2M)

The FEU-170 tested the small film return capsules for the Yantar-2K / Feniks series of reconnaissance satellites. They were launched piggy-back on Zenit-2M / Gektor satellites.

The FEU-170 payloads were mounted on the front end of the Zenit-2M satellites on the reentry module. They consisted of a small spherical reentry vehicle and a propulsion system for deorbiting.

Five tests of this reentry system were flown from 1973 to 1975. On the first flight, the capsule suffered an electrical short circuit, which prevented the parachute to deploy. The second flight was successful. The third was lost in a launch vehicle failure and did not reach orbit. The final two flights were again successful.

Nation: USSR
Type / Application: Reentry Technology
Configuration: Yantar SpK
Power: Batteries
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
FEU-170 1L N/A 03.10.1973 Pl LC-41/1 Voskhod with Kosmos 596 (Zenit-2M #42)
FEU-170 2L N/A 24.01.1974 Pl LC-43/4 Voskhod with Kosmos 629 (Zenit-2M #44)
FEU-170 3L 1974-F06 30.08.1974 Pl LC-41/1 F Voskhod with Kosmos (676) (Zenit-2M, #50)
FEU-170 4L N/A 01.11.1974 Pl LC-43/4 Voskhod with Kosmos 692 (Zenit-2M #52)
FEU-170 5L N/A 23.09.1975 Pl LC-41/1 Voskhod with Kosmos 769 (Zenit-2M #60)

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