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ALTIUS (Atmospheric Limb Tracker for Investigation of the Upcoming Stratosphere) is a small ozone-monitoring satellite built by Qinetiq for ESA.

ALTIUS will deliver profiles of concentrations of stratospheric ozone an other trace gases like nitrogen dioxide, using an instrument capable of ultravilolet, visible and near-infrared observation.

Qinetiq will build the satellite based on their P200 bus. OIP Space Systems will build the payload.

Launch is planned for 2025 from Kourou.

Nation: Europe
Type / Application: Technology
Operator: ESA
Contractors: Qinetiq Space Belgium (prime); OIP Space Systems (payload)
Configuration: P200 platform
Power: Solar cells, batteries
Lifetime: 3 years
Mass: 240 kg
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
ALTIUS - 2025 Ko ELV Vega-C with FLEX


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