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Vega-C (LARES 2) [ESA]

Vega-C is an improved version of the Vega rocket family.

This new version introduces some new motors. The first stage will consist of the P120C motor, which will also be used for the Ariane-6 launcher. As second stage, the larger diameter Zefiro-Z40 will be introduced. The third stage is an updated version, while the AVUM will get 150 kg more fuel, 100 kg less in structural mass and will be called AVUM+. A new 3.3 m fairing is also introduced.

Vega-C is planned for a maiden flight in 2019.

The Vega launch vehicles is launched from the refurbished ELA-1 complex, now redesignated ELV, at Kourou.

Version Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4
Vega-C P120C Zefiro-Z40 Zefiro-Z9A AVUM+ / RD-843
Performance (kg) LEO LPEO SSO GTO GEO MolO IP
Vega-C 2300 - - - -
No:  TNr: Type:   Serial:   Date:        LS         Payload

 1    1   Vega-C     VV21   13.07.2022   Ko ELV     LARES 2 / AstroBio CubeSat / GreenCube / TRISAT R / CELESTA / MTCube 2 / ALPHA

 x    x   Vega-C            xx.xx.2023   Ko ELV     Biomass
 x    x   Vega-C ?          xx.xx.2024   Ko ELV     CO3D 1 / CO3D 2 / CO3D 3 / CO3D 4 / ?
 x    x   Vega-C            xx.xx.2024   Ko ELV     CSG 3
 x    x   Vega-C            xx.xx.2025   Ko ELV     FLEX / ALTIUS
 x    x   Vega-C            xx.xx.2022   Ko ELV     KOMPSAT 7
 x    x   Vega-C            xx.xx.2023   Ko ELV     NAOS
 2    2   Vega-C     VV22   xx.11.2022   Ko ELV     Pléiades-Neo 5 / Pléiades-Neo 6
 x    x   Vega-C            xx.1H.2023   Ko ELV     Sentinel 1C
 x    x   Vega-C            xx.xx.2022   Ko ELV     THEOS 2 HR

Rideshare payloads (unassigned):


MicroCarb; StriX TBD; TRITON

Launch sites:

Ko  = Centre Spatial Guyanais (CSG), Kourou, French Guiana French Guiana

* = Suborbital

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