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Delta-4H (upg.)

Delta-4H (upg.) (NROL 15) with metallic
fairing [ULA]

Delta-4H (upg.) (Parker Solar Probe) with
composite fairing [ULA]

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Version Strap-On Stage 1 Stage 2
Delta-4H (upg.) 2 × CBC / RS-68A CBC / RS-68A DCSS-5 / RL10B-2
Performance (kg) LEO LPEO SSO GTO GEO MolO IP
Delta-4H (upg.) 28790 23560 14220 6750
Nr:  Type:  Vehicle:                 Serial: LS:         Date:         Payload

20    1     Delta-4H (upg.)          D-360   CC SLC-37B  29.06.2012    Orion 8 (USA 237, NROL 15)
32    2     Delta-4H (upg.)          D-374   CC SLC-37B  11.06.2016    Orion 9 (USA 268, NROL 37)
37    3     Delta-4H (upg.)          D-380   CC SLC-37B  12.08.2018    Parker Solar Probe [Star-48BV]
38    4     Delta-4H (upg.)          D-382   Va SLC-6    19.01.2019    KH-11 17 (USA 290, NROL 71) ?


 x    x     Delta-4H (upg.)          x       Va SLC-6    xx.xx.2020    KH-11 18 (NROL 82)
 x    x     Delta-4H (upg.)          x       CC SLC-37B  xx.xx.2019    Orion 10 (NROL 44)
 x    x     Delta-4H (upg.)          x       CC SLC-37B  xx.xx.2021    Orion 11 (NROL 68)
 x    x     Delta-4H (upg.)          x       CC SLC-37B  xx.xx.2023    Orion 12 (NROL 91)

Launch sites:

CC  = Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Eastern Test Range, Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA USA
Va  = Vandenberg AFB, California, USA USA