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Tsiklon-4M (Cyclone-4M)

Tsiklon-4M [Yuzhnoye]

The Ukrainian Yuzhnoye designed Tsiklon-4M or Cyclone-4M is a launch vehicle primary for medium sized payloads in low earth orbits.

The Tsiklon-4M is a replacement to the failed Tsiklon-4 project, but, inspite of the name, is largely not technologically related to this vehicle. The first stage of Tsiklon-4M is based on the LOX/Kerosene fueled Zenit-2 rocket with Ukrainian designed engines, creating a stage similar to the also Yuzuhnoye built Antares first stage. The second stage is inherited from the Tsiklon-4 project using hypergolic fuel with the restartable RD861K engine, but with increased diameter tankage. The payload fairing is also taken from the Tsiklon-4.

Yuzhnoye has partnered with Canadian-based Maritime Launch Services (MLS) to set up a launch site in the Canso-Hazel Hill area, Nova Scotia, Canada. A maiden launch is envisioned for 2020.

Version Stage 1 Stage 2
Tsiklon-4M (Cyclone-4M) Tsiklon-4M (St. 1) / 4 × RD-870 Tsiklon-4M (St. 2) / RD861K
Performance (kg) LEO LPEO SSO GTO GEO MolO IP
Tsiklon-4M (Cyclone-4M) 5000 3350 1000 - - -
Nr   TNo Type        Date          LS             Payload


Planned flights:

Launch sites:

Can = Spaceport Nova Scotia, Canso-Hazel Hill area, Nova Scotia, Canada Canada

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